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I got my LVN license two months ago and looking for a job. It has been tough. I am not entirely new to the medical field- have been an EMT for several years and a medical assistant. Even with that, most places don't give a chance to new nurses, and want experience. So out of desperation, I applied to the detox facility and they offered me a job. I don't like that specialty at all, but feel like it will take forever to find what I really want. I have already declined a job offer at the assisted living. I don't have financial pressure to work, just anxious to start working as a nurse already. I would even take a pay cut just to be in a specialty I like. I am afraid that I won't be able to find anything and will be pushed to go into the direction I don't really want, and don't know what to do. I would prefer Doctor's office or clinic- that's my dream job. I considered home health, but the agencies want one year experience. Everything I want requires experience. I graduated with high honors, with perfect attendance, and tons of volunteer experience. None of that apparently matters. I even considered getting an EMT job again because it was the best job i have ever had, but at this point it would be taking a step back. I worked very hard for my nursing license. Any advice?


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Maybe try to stick it out a year (if you can stand it) and then start applying to the places you want that require a year experience.

Meanwhile, keep your eyes open to places that don't require a year and apply if you see something decent pop up that way.

It's terrible to work somewhere that you don't like at all. Hope you can get out of it sooner than later, although sometimes you just have to wait it out, unfortunately. Good luck.

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In my part of the country, physician offices are primarily hiring MAs - probably to decrease salary costs. They rarely hire LVNs & RNs are only visible at very large multi-specialty clinics - usually staffing infusion suites or other "RN-only" service. However, I am noticing that hospitals are beginning to open up some LVN jobs as they move back into 'team' nursing ... also driven by the need to decrease salary expense.


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If you are ok with moving, I would move out of state. Or even move to a place that is less "flooded" with nurses and nurse jobs maybe there is a place close to you you're unaware of (underprivileged populations, small towns, etc). My first job out of school was home care, and a lot of other people too where I'm from. Also, be active on linkedin! I wish I was more when I was a new grad, there are so many people willing to connect with you and there's jobs posted on there too. Also many many many nurse recruiters on the site and some are willing to take/responsible for new grads. Also, there are new grad groups where you can post and connect with others and discuss things together, you are most definitely not alone. And of course nurse groups in general where you can post that you are looking and you are new but with emt experience - you would have a higher chance than someone like me who went straight to nursing school out of high school and no other healthcare related experience ever! Best of luck!