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  1. BedsideNurse

    Med error . I’m devastated

    Obviously very upsetting, but at the end of the day, if the patient didn't die or suffer permanent disability, it's just unfortunate vs. life altering. Be relieved and learn from it (as I'm sure you have). And I agree with Dy-no-mite Nurse1, distractions and constant bare bones understaffing are really a problem as far as med errors are concerned. Rush, rush, rush, pulled in a thousand directions. Patients First in 2019 means minimal RN staff, no secretary, no transport, and one tech for a whole unit. Any complaints and we are told to huddle and work as a team.
  2. BedsideNurse

    Force to change unit in the middle of shift

    It's unfortunate but I do four hours in 2 different units for my 8 hour shift on a fairly regular basis.; 1-2 times a month, & on rare occasion 3 times a month. The worst I've had as a nurse is 3 units in 12 hours, 1st four in ICU, 2nd four on cardiac step down, last 4 in CVICU. Getting & giving report and charting on that many patients is ridiculous and since every place I walked into had a truckload of work to be done in a short period of time, and two of the units I had never worked on, it was mentally and physically exhausting. So, I do understand your upset. However, unless it's explicitly against your hospitals policy I don't think there is anything to do about it. Also, I've never worked anywhere you could refuse to float (to units you were considered qualified for) without repercussions. :/
  3. BedsideNurse

    Unsafe staffing with 4:1 ICU ratios 8:1 on floor.

    That really sucks. We are seeing this more and more now that hospitals see they can get away with it and nurses put up with it. MA just had a nurse patient ratio law on the ballet and I could hardly find a nurse who supported it where I work. Nearly everyone in ICU I asked (and 1/2 of the nurses on the step down unit) parroted the false information being given out by the hospitals and lobbyist groups. Even worse, the general public was confused from being inundated with untrue scare tactic "vote no" commercials and fliers, including (quite unbelievably) a "vote no" endorsement by the ANA, which is really quite outrageous considering I just read a statement by them imploring that that the importance of safe staffing cannot be underestimated. Well apparently it can, since nursing organizations themselves sabotage our own practice. I have been in ICU for nearly 20 years and years back 1:1 or 1:2 was the absolute standard of care. Now it's 3 ICU patients, 2 ICU and one step-down, 3 step down and 1 ICU. Or 2 ICU and if a code comes in you have to pick up that too. No secretary, often no tech. This is how it has been the last 3 out of 4 ICU's I've been at. It's horrible but I don't think nursing has the presence of mind to actually fix the problem. Btw: 2 of those 4 hospitals were union hospitals. Union or not, we need set nurse patient ratios, preferably a national law with *no loopholes about acuity* so hospitals can't manipulate the numbers. Literal numbers only! As far as where you are, I'd try to find another ICU that isn't as punishing. Good luck.
  4. BedsideNurse

    Protest Over Nurse Firing for Refusing Influenza Shot

    I think it's absolute bs they force nurses to take the flu shot. I'd quit over it for sure if I was pregnant. There is *NO WAY*they can know how the flu vaccine (or any vaccine) may affect that developing baby. No way! It is outrageously unethical to threaten someone into choosing between paying their bills and risking the health of their baby. They roll the dice with that baby because the drug company lobbyists are in bed with our Congress, and have attached federal funding to it for guaranteed profits. I'm an ethical vegan and try to avoid medicines, yet I am forced to have animal products injected on a yearly basis. In recent years I have actually had two scary reactions from the flu shot, but I am still forced to take it. If I could do anything else outside of nursing for the same money I would. It's just infuriating.
  5. BedsideNurse

    Woman dies from tap water netipot use

    I would argue the moral is just don't use them. Those things are DISGUSTING!
  6. BedsideNurse

    Best critical care book

  7. BedsideNurse

    New Graduate RN Float pool

    As for why they would allow new grads to be candidates... to be frank, you're a body with a nursing license and you're cheaper than an experienced nurse. Steward is a for-profit system, they're running a business and they want to make a profit. Their goal is not to give you a good learning experience or grow you into a good nurse but to use you to their benefit. --Plenty of money to be made in the not for profit hospitals. Check out the pay and benefits of top management at a moderate to large "nonprofit" sometime. I've worked for both profit and nonprofit and they all skeleton staff and make cuts around patient care and the bedside, so they can receive big bonuses for meeting their budget, reducing expenses, etc..They are essentially indiscernible on the ground.
  8. BedsideNurse

    Considering CRNA School ?

    And the prep and application part is the easy part. Even if I was smart enough: I am way too tired and lazy.
  9. BedsideNurse

    RN, ADN being obsolete

    People don't believe it, but I tell them that the wages for new nurses have been near stagnant for the last 20 years. It's ridiculous. As for the BSN scam, I agree.
  10. BedsideNurse

    RN, ADN being obsolete

    I thought diploma programs had been pretty much phased out. I wish their were some around me when I was looking to go to nursing school; I would have picked the diploma program and being a new nurse wouldn't have sucked near as bad.
  11. BedsideNurse

    What in hades.

    I worked in an acute rehab place that looked great, brand new, lots of "amenities." Then they decided we were using too much linen, and so to try to control costs we had to get a key from the supervisor and walk to the other side of the building to sign out any other linens that we needed if we went over the expected daily amount per patient...and our allotment for washcloths was one washcloth per patient per day. I wish I was making it up.
  12. BedsideNurse

    Quitting the StaRN program?

    A) Because nurses as a group are a herd of idiots that constantly take the sword for admin instead of looking out for our own profession and ultimately the patients. Take the nurse ratio law in MA that just failed. The ANA didn't support it, all sorts of nursing organizations rallied against it. The ONLY group that put out anything pro ratio law that I saw was the MNA, and I thought their effort was mediocre at best. We were inundated with ads from the NO camp/hospitals, lobbyist groups, etc...But we saw almost nothing in the way of support for the nurse-patient ratio law on social media, TV, in the mail, etc...I did see craploads of nurses on TV and on flyers and billboards telling me I should vote NO on the ratio law because nurses need to keep their flexibility and rigid government numbers are dangerous. Anyone who works at bedside knows that is complete and utter nonsense. As I said, the MNA said they supported it, to their credit they did put some effort with a postcard in the mail, and a few commercials right before election day, but actually disgruntled, overworked, overwhelmed, and understaffed nurses are their bread and butter, so it probably behooves them for nurse-patient ratios not to exist. So who knows? At least they pretended to support it. Most nurses where I work told me they were voting NO. (This just pisses me off so bad I can't even stand it). We had a real opportunity to make a significant change for the good, improving working conditions and improving patient care, and we turn it down. Whatever...Another reason I'll be glad to get out of this profession. Other professions look out for themselves! Not nursing. As a side note, before the election the hospital higher ups came around threatening the staff that if the ratio law passed the hospital could very well have to close it's doors and we'd be out of a job. Now the ratio law failed, and just the next week on, surprise, looks like we are shutting down after all anyway. So at my hospital nurses voted no so they could keep their jobs, but I guess it's like "J/K." Jokes on us! Like I said; a herd of idiots.
  13. BedsideNurse

    Sedation Titration

    "Watch your numbers, but just jimmy the rate up or down until they look good." Maybe it's a good thing I didn't go into nursing education.
  14. BedsideNurse

    Just accepted the job.. then this...

    I was in the ER years back as a patient and it had been a difficult afternoon to say the least, and one of the staff came over and asked me if I was or could be pregnant. I'm like, no, well, I don't think so... but I'm married; so there is a possibility I guess. A little while later the doctor comes back and rather awkwardly congratulates me on being pregnant, and turns back around and says, "You really didn't know you were pregnant?" I was laying there a little bewildered because I totally didn't know. Lol. Anyway, I guess it is better to be safe than sorry, especially if you aren't being that careful. Hopefully you can get a test super soon and usually there are at least a couple days of hospital orientation stuff where you aren't on the floor.