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  1. tiffanyB12

    Force to change unit in the middle of shift

    Yes they can. There are times when I was in 3 different departments during my 8 hour shift, 2 of which were specialties. At my work I get to float anytime they are short staffed. I am not even a float nurse, but the one who is the most flexible. I take advantage of floating as a chance to learn new skills and become a better nurse. I still prefer my home unit the most and would rather stay there..however, i try to be as flexible and accommodating because I like making my managers happy.
  2. tiffanyB12

    local anesthesia and drug test

    Lidocaine( or similar med) is not going to be a problem. For starters, it is out of your system already. Second of all, drug screens don't test for it. We do drugs screens at my Urgent Care all the time.
  3. tiffanyB12

    As seen on TV

    Watching a Soap opera- the groom gets stabbed by his new bride's ex boyfriend and is bleeding out on the ground. The wife starts panicking, crying but does nothing. I am yelling at the TV- put some pressure on the wound and call 911 immediately. But she did not. Instead she wasted a lot of time still crying and panicking. I am like- call 911 and get some help now! She doesn't, but then decided to go to the reception hall. When the family (with wedding reception in progress) saw her bloody dress and asked her what happened. She did not say anything and kept crying. Then everyone else wasted a LOT of time before the poor guy got to the hospital. I was surprised he actually "survived".
  4. tiffanyB12

    not smart enough

    Don't worry about other students and how much they study. Focus on yourself, focus on understanding the material, and continue working hard. One test at a time, one assignment at a time, one clinical at a time- do your best. You are smart enough. Believe in yourself, and you will be fine.
  5. tiffanyB12

    not smart enough

    I don't think these are mutually exclusive. I graduated at the top of my class in nursing school, and now I am a kind, compassionate nurse who is also a team player. I went above and beyond during school and now do the same at work.
  6. tiffanyB12

    "My doctor told me..."

    To the earlier post making a comment whether patient education is provided in Urgent Care Centers or Outpatient centers, the answer is yes. I work as a nurse in Urgent Care and we do patient education upon discharge with every patient. MD and I both do, and we also provide an After Visit Summary with specific instructions. Pt education and patient response are charted. Taking care of any questions patient while at the clinic results translates to higher patient satisfactions scores, and eliminated many potential phone calls/my chart messages after patients leave the clinic.
  7. tiffanyB12

    Sexual harrassment or just an old creep?

    In my opinion, this guy really likes you/interested in you and i know this because i have been in this position before. It starts as a nice/polite conversation with you just being nice/friendly, and these guys get the wrong impression. It is not your fault, it is just how they are. It sucks because this could ruin otherwise a good working relationship/work friendship. I also think that this has nothing to do with his generation- this man has a crush on you which is obviously not appropriate and he knows it. He may not even care that you are married. I would be direct and tell him not to call you beautiful- that sends a wrong message. " I would like to be addressed by my name please." Also, if he comes to chat when not expected, tell him-" Sorry, i have to run- I need to check on a patient...get supplies....etc". Just be your busy self. Also, whenever you can, mention your spouse in the conversation and that you are happily married. "My husband surprised me with this bracelet on our date last night!" Technically, his behavior is sexual harassment, however, whether you report it or not is what makes a difference. I didn't report things i went though simply because i was able shut it down on my own being very clear with them. I also did not want to tarnish their reputation ( even if they deserved it) because I wanted to avoid drama/scandal at work. But then again, i am too nice and just want peace. What you do is up to you.
  8. tiffanyB12

    Is LVN not enough for you!

    You are right, there is that society pressure. Mine also comes from my family who make it seem like nothing is ever enough. People will always ask about your next step. It's something I encounter a lot but I don't care. I am currently an LVN in a multispecialty medical office and love it. I mainly work in Urgent Care, but float to other departments all the time. I have been crossed trained on anything from internal medicine to pediatrics to gyn, orthopedics... and even help the phlebotomist. I am having so much fun in my current role that I never want to leave. I do have some distant future plans (maybe, just maybe) to further my education with the purpose of coming back to the clinic as an NP....but I would also be happy if I stayed here in my current role. Just like you said, to me nursing is about caring about our patients. It has never been about the money. There are so many other professions that pay waaaay more than nursing but I wouldn't trade my job for anything. Just do what makes you happy. You said that you are going for an LVN. Work for a while and see how you feel. If going back to school is something you want to do, great. As long you have that internal motivation/ reason and not external ( other people), you will be fine.
  9. tiffanyB12

    Love for Nursing

    Words cannot describe how much I love my LVN job. I work in the multi specialty medical building. My main job is as an LVN in Urgent Care, but I float and help as needed in other units including pediatrics, orthopedics, and even the lab. Love the variety of it and being the resource/the right hand to physicians. We have fantastic doctors, and the patients are generally very appreciative and sweet. While I don't ever want to leave, I am considering gaining all the experience I can for several years and going back to school to become a NP. If that doesn't happen, that's ok too because I wouldn't mind staying at my facility as an LVN. I already have my dream job. While there are ups and downs of course, there is no other place I would rather be.
  10. tiffanyB12

    Nursing video game?

    I used VSim for Nursing while i was in school. While not an actual video game, it is a simulation and feels like a game. Our DON presented it to us one afternoon in class, and after that i purchased it to practice at home. VSim simulates hospital environment, and grades the performace making sure we follow MD orders and do the right interventions for our patients. There is MedSurge, L& D, pediatrics, etc. My favorite simulation was one where i had to calculate drug doses for blood transfusion. In another simulation they simulate a code and have you perform CPR.
  11. tiffanyB12


    I am sorry to hear about what you went though that at your former job. Sounds like it was a toxic environment and you did the right thing by leaving. I used to work in a similar environment like that but not as a nurse, that was right before nursing school. I lasted about 9 months and had to quit because the job was affecting my mental health. It also gave me perspective and made me stronger as a person. No one should have to work in the toxic environment though. Just focus on what you learned from that job and move on. Things have a way of working themselves out. You will find the job where others treat you with respect.
  12. tiffanyB12

    Any urgent care LPN's?

    I work full time in Urgent Care and I love my job to pieces!! There is never a dull moment! I enjoy my time there and often at the end of the shift I don't want to leave. I work office hours during the week, and some weekends once in a while (but only occasionally). As far as my duties, there is a big variety. We do a lot of blood draws, electrocardiograms, injections and UA dipsticks all day long. Occasionally patients need an IV, and I love doing those. I assist the providers with minor surgeries or procedures, and always end up doing wound care after. I also assist doctors with GYN exams. I process labs, do autoclave of surgical instruments. I also do TB tests, strep tests, mono tests, flu tests (during flu season), and immunizations as needed. We have a big closet of orthopedic supplies for various injuries (crutches, splints, slings, etc) and I get to help the patient fitting them properly and provide education about the device. There is a variety of things to do. We also have occupational medicine and do drug screens and pre-employment physicals. I work with 1-2 medical assistants and 1-2 doctors every day. Our doctors are fantastic and truly work with us as a team. Another thing is that Urgent Care can get stressful at times, but is not nearly as stressful as Emergency Department or a hospital floor would be. Urgent Care is way easier compared to other settings I worked at before. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  13. tiffanyB12

    Mandatory Influenza Vaccine

    I work as a nurse at the Urgent Care and I don't mind getting a flu shot. One person in front office refused to get it during last flu season, and she had to wear a mask while at work, every day. She is allergic to it though. I am glad that i have no problem getting a shot because there is no way i would want to wear a mask the entire time at work. We had tons of sick people come in during flu season and I believe that the flu shot helped keeping me from getting sick. I had direct contact with almost all the flu patients during the season (getting them tested, providing care, etc), and i was fine.
  14. tiffanyB12

    Is earwax removal an emergency?

    While an emergency, trapped wax can cause difficulty hearing, or get stuck in the ear causing redness/irritation. People come in rather often to my Urgent care for ear wax removal, and I am usually the one who gets to do it. it's actually a fun procedure.
  15. tiffanyB12

    Nursing Drug Test!

    For my job preemployment, I had to fill out the form about which prescription medications or OTC meds I was on. The doctor told me to list everything just in case. I take triptans for occasional migraines, and some multivitamins and was told to list those anyway. I was not on any controlled substances, but i think that as long as you have a valid prescription and tell them ahead of time, it should fine. This screening mainly screening for illegal substances or abuse. I would mention that it was only 4 pills for short term. I think it will be fine.