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Written up.

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I have been an RN for 29 years. I have worked in UM for the past 15 years. I was just written up for the first time

In my career for miss reading a physician's order for in patient that was observation. I had looked at 30 charts that day and had just returned from an intense 2 day 3M training. I am devastated.

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OP: Is this the first time you have ever been written up in your life? If so, I can see how you are devastated. First, do not beat yourself up. This is no reflection on you as a person/human being or as a nurse.

By the way, what kind of write up is it? Is it one with a corrective action plan that will serve to terminate your employment if you do not change stated behaviors (A bit harsh, if so)? Or is it an incident report, where it is actually helpful to other nurses and you once they figure out what went wrong (No biggie, if so)?

Good luck.


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Use the experience to grow. DO NOT let it get you down. We are human beings, and human beings make mistakes.

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Please explain. Do you mean you requested a full admission , instead of observation services?

UM is such a thankless job.

We have all had things like this happen,we have all made mistakes,and we are still here working.You should reflect on how excellent a nurse you are to have only been written up once and point out to your manager that the volume you are required to review is affecting patient care and needs to be adjusted.Good luck to you