Written up for a no call no show???!!!

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On Tues the 15th I called the DSD and told her I would not be able to work the 18th due to unforseen circumstances. Just as an aside I have worked here for 3 years and called off maybe 3 times well before the 2 hr before shift start rule. If I need a day off I always swap shifts with someone or give at least a 2 week notice. So when I called on Tues I told the DSD I am very sorry but I will not be able to work on Friday. She said "ok, I put you down as off". To be nice I told her I would ask one person if they wanted to work that day as I knew they would be off and if they said yes I would call her back. The person said "no". I got a call at 2:15 on Friday saying "hey you know your supposed to be at work right now". The Don then sent me a text message saying that she had talked to the DSD and that I had been told I had to find my own coverage. This was never said to me when I called the DSD on Tues. The DON ended up having to work the floor and she told me it is going to be put down as a no call no show, which is a write up. Which BTW I AM NOT SIGNING, Period. I am so mad. I am a nurse I am not in charge of staffing. I gave them a 72 hr notice well before the 2 hr before shift start policy:mad:


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Also I did not take the day off because I wanted to go do something, I had a legit reason for needing the day off.


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Use the written warning as a tool. This is your chance to put in writing what actually transpired. eg. I understand the importance of good work ethics and I believe my record at this facility (3 excused absences in 3 years) clearly demonstrates this. This is why, upon discovering that circumstances outside of my control would render me unable to report to work on ... I immediately contacted... and made the following arrangements. Since... clearly stated I was put on the schedule as off, there was no doubt in my mind that the situation had been properly addressed. I'm saddened by your disbelieve in my integrity and pray that you will conduct further investigation.

Just some BS of the top of my head (don't it come easy 2 me :D), but seriously,

I strongly believe you're not doing yourself a favor by not signing the write up.


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They decided not to write me up. basically I told them "do it, I have phone records clearly showing that I called in 72 hrs to notify you". Nope, they just played nasty. I usually work 8-12 days a month and for March I have, let's count them, 4 days total. I have decided I did not deserve this and from now on if something comes up I will not give them an early notice. I will call in sick EXACTLY 2 hrs before the start of my shift, per company policy. Now try to find somebody to cover the shift!:devil:


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I agree with you about your course of action in the future, but I would also look for a new job or at least put this incident high on my list of reasons to look for a new job.


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Wow.. We have ncns alllllllll the time and lots of late ones and call INS and none of them ever get one word said to them...much less a write up. I wouldn't sign it either. My boss says as long as we call before the END, yes end, of the shift we are scheduled for it's not a ncns.....ridiculous.