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Hey, y'all! Okay, I know this could get a bit scary, so if you're not into this kind of thing, please move on! This has the potential to become VERY GRAPHIC. Disclaimer over. ;>) However, I'm... Read More

  1. by   LoisJean
    Oh, jeez loueeze--maggots for sure! Especially bad on one old gal in LTC--decerabrate from stroke. No one had checked out her hand. My first night on board and I'm doing room checks and I smell this smell coming from her which I had smelled many times before- the 'rotten flesh' smell- got an aide in there and we manipulated her fingers open and found one nail had imbedded into the flesh while the entire area was crawling with maggots.

    I can also recall way back when I was a nursing aide, we received a gal who lived in less than desirable conditions, onto our med/surg unit. She had had a colostomy some years before and had come in because it wasn't draining. In those days, we aides did the patient admissions to the units. Two of us got her into bed and undressed her. We noted that she was filthy dirty. We noted lice. As we prepared her for the 'full treatment' we noticed that there were rags stuck fast to the colostomy stoma. We didn't dare try to pull them off so went and got the RN. She came and wet down the rags, pulled them off and a whole wave of maggots of various sizes came pouring out of the stoma opening. Let me tell you, that was the day I decided to go to nursing school so I could get paid a bit better for doing this work!

    This is not a wound story, but I was supervising at a LTC facility on the afternoon shift and we had received a new admission. An elderly gentleman, emaciated and very weak. His only real complaint was that he was always hungry and thirsty it seemed, but he was horribly constipated and he kept throwing up everything he ate. I assigned him to one of the new aides on board who had just moved up from Kentucky. She came to me later to report on her patients and mentioned that this new guy reminded her of her, "Uncle Earl". I asked her why. Uncle Earl, she said, had a tape worm. I called the doc. Next morning the doc ordered up an antiparasitic; our patient decided to expel the thing, (a beef tape worm), on my shift. I tell you, it was the size of Texas and as long as the Erie Canal! Of all the things I have ever seen that is the one thing I do not ever care to ever see again! But, you know what? By the end of two months our old guy was back up to fighting weight and was discharged to foster care.

    Lois Jean
  2. by   RN from OZ
    I worked in a Neuro trauma ward and we had a man who had a cervical laminectony....we got him up one morning 3days post op and his wound dehisses from the base of his head to his shoulders.....pesudomonis....a bucket load of pus expressed out of it. It took months to heal with the wound vac could see all the vertebra and the base of his skull at the worst stage.

    A motor bike accident victim....traumatic amputation of the leg from the groin.....and total body gravel rash....contracted MRSA
    we had to give him entanox gas to do the dressings, his hip joint was exposed and we were picking gravel out of his back for weeks.
  3. by   dawngloves
    Originally posted by JonRN
    We once had a s/p CABG guy in the SICU whose sternum became infected requiring removal of his sternum. We had to do wet to drys right on his heart. If he took a deep breath, your fingers would be entrapped until he breathed again. You could actually take his pulse right off of his heart when the dressing was out.

    Stole my thunder!!! We had two of these at one point. Really cool! We started using Vanco pre CABG and eliminated that nastiness.
  4. by   JonRN
    These must be fairly common, sorry I stole your thunder. Makes me wanna rush out and get a CABG
  5. by   traumarns
    well lets see, i love pus and drainage. totally get my rocks off for ANY I&D.
    became known as the I&D queen in the er.
    i actually smell my wound dressings to see if i can smell anything bad.

    anyway there is one that actually turned me a bit green.

    I don't like eyes. hate irrigating them with the morgan lense. scratch corneas make my eyes hurt....
    so both my stories relate to eyes.

    first guy. lil old man, with thick GLASS glasses, fell at a department store, one of the lenses broke, he was brought in with bandage over his eye. as the doc and myself removed the bandage, we found NO EYE BALL, but a fairly large piece of glass protruding from the orbit.
    the glass had punctured his globe, and all that was there was a mass of white, yellow rubbery material, you could see his iris, and pupil.
    he was transfered to the hospital down the street for emergent eyeball removal. bluch.

    second story. gsw, well actually murder/suicide.
    the ex husband went to the exwifes house. saw her and her boyfriend outside. husband shot both bf and wife. then himself.
    bf died at the seen.
    trauma rm 2 was the wife, she was filleted open, not the usual cut the chest from xyphoid to under left axilla. they did a sternotomy. got to do cardiac massage on her. pretty cool anatamoy lesson.
    husband in trauma rm 3. his face was pretty much blown off and his left eye was just hanging out, attached only by what i could tell may have been his optic nerve.
    during chest compressions, you could see the eye go back and forth into the socket. when somebody pushed down, his eye would come out. it would go in (not all the way mind you) when the compression was relaxed.
    i had to excuse myself from that room.

    sadly to say, neither survived.

    had the lady with abdominal pain. she was homeless. spoke no english. smelled. the doc did NOT want to do a pelvic, but wanted a straight cath urine. (all women with abd pain, got pelvics, regardless) anyway went to cath her, AND OMG I ALMOST FELL OUT. the smell, (that is one smell in the nursing profession i never want to witness again!) she had open pustules, pus coming out her urethra and vagina, not discharge, green/orange pus. she got a pelvic, and tested for ALL the stds, and bought an admission to the floor.
  6. by   kids
    I am getting out of practice. I used to have a cast iron stomach...last night I had to close this thread because I was having trouble eating BBQ chicken while reading it.

    Darn it!
  7. by   Beach_RN
    OK....traumarns! I just about almost Hurled with that last one Oh my gawd!

  8. by   traumarns
    Originally posted by B_Matt
    OK....traumarns! I just about almost Hurled with that last one Oh my gawd!

  9. by   renerian
    The grossest wound I had to clean out was a direct admit from ER, thank you so much, which had an elderly woman in a condemed home with zero water and cellulitis which had deep sores infested with tons of maggots.....there were even maggots under her armpits.........I had to douse a surgical mask with alcohol to stand the smell......... we used three small bars of soap to clean her up.................shivers still........

  10. by   ktwlpn
    Ew! EWW! EWWW! Love this stuff! I have seen(and smelled) my share of gangrene(wet and dry) necrotic wounds (open cancerous ulcers-yech)and smelly dirty patients...BUT-The worst 2...We had a young smelly street person junkie non-compliant IDDM..Not a very nice guy.Anyway-He had come in with a boil on his shoulder and after the I&D he was an anatomy lesson...Open down to his waist to the bone and with MRSA...He was a smoker-walked all over that hospital leaving a trail of pus drenched dressings.....No home,no job etc...our dc planner worked very hard for him -got him meds and supplies for free,a job(washing dishes in a diner)a place to live...When he was discharged we were waiting for his insulin and syringes to come-they were being donated by one of the big drug companies.He ran out of smokes-told her "F*ck you-I'm leaving"and started walking....Never saw him again-every surgeon on staff refused to touch him when he presented to the ED after that-he ended up at another local hospital...The other case I will never forget was a mentally challenged diabetic women in her late 30's from a local group home...Came in with a boil (yes-another boil) in her abdominal fold and out of control sugars....This tiny little boil started oozing the SMELLIEST crap I have ever smelt-could smell it when you came off of the elevators...I had her for a few days (IV antibx and a K-pad)and one afternoon all of her consulting docs showed up-one after another...poking and prodding that smelly fat belly...Leaving the solied dressings on the bed,the floor....Procrastinating...Finally-end of the day-she goes to the OR...a few hours later I hear she is going to the ICU-I took her stuff over-she was on a vent and open from her zyphoid process down to her groin...they said that when the surgeon made the first cut the vile crap geysered up onto his MASK.....They flushed her cavity all night and choppered out to a university hospital the next day-she did not survive...
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  11. by   renerian
    YUCKOOOOOOOOOOO>........... gore stories!! I LOVE IT

  12. by   sloddesol
    took care of an elderly lady that had forgotten to put hercar in park when she went to check her mail. Her car, a early 70's buick very large ran over her. point of impact was mid thigh and it rolled over her head. she was lucky it was soft ground. Was asked by the surgeon to clean her up and prep for surgery. touched her face it was like touching a jello mold, face just quivered called the surgeon over without saying any thing touched her face again he just shook his head rushed her to surgery managed to survive with a 3 month stay in ICU. not quite as bad but more personally traumatic was trying to stand up after a cycling accident and looking down to see my tibia on the outside instead of where it belonged
  13. by   renerian
    ewwwww poor thing.......