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A fellow staff nurse and I are about to launch this website and we would like your feedback. Although your name would have to be given to register, your name would not be given out. Would you use it? Do you think you would find it helpful? In our years of nursing we have found that many of the in-hospital surveys do not address the subtle ways in managers use their authority to punish. But at the same time this site would allow nurses to reward great managers and hopefully give other managers the opportunity to better themselves.

We appreciate your feedback,

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No way, that is walking a fine line with slander or defamation, IMO. People could post all kinds of things, true or not, which could affect a manager's career negatively. You can bet that if a court order or subpoena was produced, those supposedly anonymous names would be released in a heartbeat!

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My only concern is that whenever I look at "Rate (whatever)" websites, even for places or people I know are great, there seem to be an overwhelming number of negative reviews.

I think the people most likely to use a website like what you're proposing would be people who are p***ed off at their manager. Too often these sites become a place for people to blow off steam before they've had time to cool down and think objectively about a situation. I don't know that it would give a balanced view. People don't tend to speak up as much when they're happy as when they're angry.


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For the amount of work that goes into MAINTAINING the website (note: not starting), it really isn't worth the effort. Besides, when the managers do read this, they are aware for the most part, who the involved party is. This may have consequences.

I don't mean this in a discouraging manner, but I don't think the concept is worth having a single website for. If I really need to vent, or even grade my manager, then there are a lot of forums (including this one) out there that allow me the opportunity.

Which ever way you decide, good luck.


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Perhaps I'm a tad dense, but if the manager is identified by name, wouldn't it take about 12 seconds for her to figure out who contributed the negative info?


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I used ratemyprofessor.com in college courses and found that for the most part you can get mixed reviews on people, from those that hated the teacher then those about the same teacher that felt they were the best teacher they ever had. I wouldn't think it would be very accurate especially considering most people that review places, people, and things on the internet have to feel pretty passionate about them to take the time to type a review. As the above poster said I think the passion would come from being angry not happy.


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I used ratemyprofessor.com one time and went back later to find that my review had been removed, apparently, by the individual who didn't like what I had to say. I don't see the point in making ratings just to have them removed. I also see liability, slander and defamation in anybody's future who deals with this. I am certain that any good attorney will convince you to remove ratings from those who don't want their good name sullied in the public internet sector.

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