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  1. Jennykay87

    Would you use a website "rate your nurse manager"

    I used ratemyprofessor.com in college courses and found that for the most part you can get mixed reviews on people, from those that hated the teacher then those about the same teacher that felt they were the best teacher they ever had. I wouldn't think it would be very accurate especially considering most people that review places, people, and things on the internet have to feel pretty passionate about them to take the time to type a review. As the above poster said I think the passion would come from being angry not happy.
  2. Jennykay87

    Tennessee Technology Knoxville LPN

    Congrats MDAD4! I got my letter tonight and...I got accepted!!! I will soon be a nursing student
  3. Jennykay87

    Tennessee Technology Knoxville LPN

    Thanks for all the help! I'm pretty bad at math so I figured I wouldn't do well, but I thought I would do better than I did. I used http://www.testprepreview.com/compass_practice.htm to study for the compass which did seem to cover what was on the exam. I did study alot of grammer and sentence correction, but there wasn't any of that on the actual exam. However, it may be up to the school on what they include on the exam. The school did tell me when I turned in my application that I can get more points from taking some of their classes, but I really am tired of prenursing classes I just want to get in already! lol. I guess if I don't get accepted this go around I will take another class. Letters are mailed on the 16th of this month so I will be waiting and praying for acceptance.
  4. Jennykay87

    Tennessee Technology Knoxville LPN

    Anyone applying for the May 2010 LPN program at Tennessee Technology Knoxville? I took the COMPASS exam this morning and passed with a 59 in math and 86 in reading. Not what I was hoping to get for the points system to get accepted. Does anyone know how many points are normally the cutoff for acceptance or either the number of points you have been accepted with? I just want this sooo bad! Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks