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Would you take this particular CNA class? Input please!!


Hi! I have been wanting to get my CNA certification for when I go to nursing school next year. Some of the nursing programs require that you have your certification before you can apply. I called around a while back, and the best thing I could find is through my community college which is 1 semester long, (night classed and Saturday clinical.) I have to spend the next few semesters taking some pre reqs for school, and I have small children...so that would be kind of hard for me right now. Anyway, I was looking in the classifieds in my local paper today, and I found an ad for a cna class tought by an RN who claims to have 15 years experience. I think she said her and another lady do it together, and I believe they own some kind of home care business?? It costs the same as the price at my community college, but it would only take 2 days! According to her, their class promotes a 98% pass rate. I really don't feel like I even need to take a class, because I was in nursing school many years ago, and I don't feel like it would be hard for me. However, from what I gathered when I called around, I could not just take the test without having a class. SO, this sounds rather appealing to me, but I would sure hate to be out 200$ if this lady is not legit. What would you do??? How can I find out if this is ok?? I would sooo rather only have class for 2 days instead of a whole semester! Anyone heard of something like this before?? Thanks!

It sounds shady to me. The training is supposed to be 10 weeks so I would go to an accredited institution or try the Red Cross.


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I would be extremely suspicious about a 2 day class.

Couple ideas...depending on your state you may be able to 'challenge' the state CNA test with the nursing school experience you have, most states require a certain number of clinical hours and a nursing fundamentals course.

Also, most states maintain a list of approved CNA training programs...make sure this program is approved by your state or your wasting your time and money.

Good luck!

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No matter how good the instructors, no two day class is going to cut it. Where is the clinical portion of the class? Perhaps this is really a two day exam prep course. Your best bet is the community college course. I would make the necessary arrangements to attend that course. You will benefit in the long run.

It sounds sketchy. I think I posted in another thread about how some of those home care agencies use classes like that to bait potential employees. You pay them the $200, take their class, and then can't go work for anyone else because the class probably is not legitimate. They get your $200, and a cheap new hire. I don't think a 2-day course would let you sit for the CNA exam, either.