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I am a foreign nursing graduate, currently in NY.I do not have US nursing lisence but would like to volunteer.Is there any way?Thanks. :balloons:

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Speak to some of the hospitals in your area. You would not be able to volunteer your nursing services in most cases, since you do not have a license to practice but there are many things that you could do.

Just contact the Volunteer Services department. But be aware that most will want a four to six month commitment because of the training that they will need to give you, etc............... :)


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You might gain more experience nursing wise if you volunteer at a free clinic. Lots are open during evening hours so people can get there are continue day time jobs. Although you aren't liscenced you will probably be able to take BPs and assist patients to give urine samples etc. I hope you find someting perfect for your needs.

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I am a foreign nursing graduate, currently in NY.I do not have US nursing lisence but would like to volunteer.Is there any way?Thanks. :balloons:

That is great that you have considered volunteering. I think it is a great beginning so that you get some experience and a taste of what it is like in the United States. I am sure that many hospitals would be more than happy and grateful to accept your service.

Call the hospitals in your area and possibly interview with the person in charge of recruiting volunteers.

Good luck to you.


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I am a new RN who graduated 2 yrs ago. I am thinking of doing hospital or clinic (giving flu vac) volunteering job. Should I let my volunteer recruiter know that I am a new RN, so that maybe, I can do hands on nursing skills with the assistant of a more experience nurse...or should I not tell the volunteer recruiter? Does anyone know if I can do hands on nursing skills eventhough I just volunteer? What kind of clinics would be a good place to volunteer and at the same time get an experience? For those out there who have volunteered, please share your stories...Any advice or information from anyone would be appreciated.

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HI! I have some of the same questions. I've been an RN for four years now. I started working from home. I have little ones, and didn't want to put them in daycare, etc. It's great! I work per diem for a hospital, but I've only been averaging about 4 hours a pay, just to keep up on my skills. I would like to give back a little, and volunteer, in a way that I could use my skills, either hands on, or through educating. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Again, speak to some of the Hospitals in your area. I am a volunteer at one. I signed up, told them what I had in mind, they had me do "whatever" (mostly housekeeping). I called the volunteer office, after a brief stint on the floor helping out with "housekeeping" and told them what I had in mind (again). I preferred doing Nurse Massage to the Staff and they allowed that, after they got to know me. Here I am, two years later, thoroughly, enjoying my volunteer time. I now do this as fund raisers for other facilities that I frequent as an Agency Nurse.

Try something that is offered, develop your reputation there, and then ask to "tweak it". Who would not love to have a free Nurse on Staff?

Good luck to you and let us know how you make out.

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