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  1. Is there any screening process to determine the risk level like high risk, medium risk and average risk? Or everybody gets a standard treatment? I wonder if it is common to do pre-op screening for DVT (like venous doppler ) on people with a history of previous blood clot.
  2. Thank you so much Proppy. That helps alot.
  3. I am doing a paper on prevention of DVT following joint surgery. I would very much like to hear from the ortho nurses on what policy their facility has in place to prevent DVT after Knee or Hip surgery.
  4. Hi, as part of my BSN course, I am doing a project on how we can improve various clinical information systems (CIS). I came to know that many hospitals use advanced CIS like Crener, Epic, Mckesson, meditech etc. I worked for fresenius for several years, and the system we used (proton) was very basic- lacking many features of today's advanced CIS. I am requesting those of you working in dialysis facilities to help me out with it. What are the strengths of the clinical information system (Proton, AMI) you are using, and what you think can be added to make it better. What features will make your electronic medical record system better?