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starbin is a BSN, RN and specializes in Nephro, ICU, LTC and counting.


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  1. Is there any screening process to determine the risk level like high risk, medium risk and average risk? Or everybody gets a standard treatment? I wonder if it is common to do pre-op screening for DVT (like venous doppler ) on people with a history of previous blood clot.
  2. Thank you so much Proppy. That helps alot.
  3. I am doing a paper on prevention of DVT following joint surgery. I would very much like to hear from the ortho nurses on what policy their facility has in place to prevent DVT after Knee or Hip surgery.
  4. starbin

    Fresenius as an employer?

    Fresenius as such is not a bad company to work for. They have good benefits and other programs. The experience varies depending on who you work with. And manager plays the big role, followed by your co-workers. I am a charge nurse with fresenius for 2 years and have had both good and bad experiences. My manager sucks.....she is a good human but she doesn't care about our problems unless it directly affects her............never finishes the staff evaluations, or resolve the interpersonal issues between staffs, never forgets to say 'I am working on it' but god knows how many more years she will keep working on the same thing. At one time I had to go to the area manager to solve problems because she was just so indifferent about it. Sometimes it frustrates everybody but .......other than that the company itself isn't bad.
  5. starbin

    BSN Podcast?

    I admire you for managing to go to school and passing the boards while taking care of six children. Your plan to further your education is even more impressive. There are many schools that offer online BSN degree :typing, some of them are teleweb courses meaning that you will read the lectures, and also watch the videos. I did a lot (yes alot) of online courses and teleweb courses, I hated watching that video, I just like reading the lectures better. Teachers are always available if you don't understand something ( actually they like it if you approach them with questions and ask for guidance). The advantage of online classes is that the schedule is very flexible. You can print the lectures and read them while traveling on the train, or watching the kids in the park. All the best for your career.
  6. starbin

    US SS # and licensure by endorsement

    Probably things changed over time. When I first did my application in 2005, I didn't have SSN. I also went through CA, and just got a letter saying that I passed. I was CGFNS certified. I sent an endorsement application to NJ (they required SSN and CGFNS certificate at that time), they asked me to send them a copy of my passport, and a letter from the Social security office stating the reason why I didn't have the SSN. My not having the license in CA wasn't even an issue. I had sent the license verification form and the fee to CABON, left the license # blank. I got my NJ license even before I was issued a license from CA (I sent my SSN to CA once I got the EAD, then they sent me the license). I was giving the advise based on my experience, but probably it is outdated.
  7. starbin

    US SS # and licensure by endorsement

    No, even if you do not have a valid license number (you have passed the exam), based on the results that you have passed the NCLEX-RN already, you will have to use the Licensure by Endorsement Form. Leave the license # area blank or just write NCLEX-RN passed- results attached, and send a copy of your results along with the application (remember that this does not replace the original licensure verification/results verification from the BON that you passed the NCLEX). For more updated information, contact the BON itself. All the best.:typing
  8. Yes she has started already. She has fistula on one arm, PICC line on the other arm, is left AKA, the only limb we can take her blood pressure is the right leg. She almost jumps off the chair while taking her blood pressure. And unfortunately, it always have to be repeated or longer than usual because she is moving her leg so much. We are trying to help her by only tying the cuff when taking blood pressure, and releasing it immediately after......but as you said, this is probably her coping mechanism, trying have control over the situation, and probably the leg hurts a lot because it hasn't been used for a long long time.....
  9. starbin

    US SS # and licensure by endorsement

    Why do you want to apply in new york for licensure by examination? Once you have passed the examination for one BON, you will not be eligible for licensure by examination in another state. You will not be required to take the exam again. NY requires a Credentials verification Service from CGFNS. For details about how to proceed with CVS- visit the CGFNS website at www.cgfns.org. Not sure which state do or do not require SSN.
  10. starbin

    US SS # and licensure by endorsement

    Once you take and pass the NCLEX-RN exam for one of the BONs, and are licensed- you never have to take the NCLEX-RN exam again to endorse your license to any other state. The licensing exam is waived, however, other requirements must be met as required by the BON. If you have already passed the exam, and have a license- you will not use the licensure by examination application form. You will have to find the Licensure by Endorsement fom, and send the documents mentioned. I am not sure, but I think Texas requires CES.
  11. starbin

    Dialysis Cruise

    I wouldn't do that job if I have to work for free for the whole week (or may be just 4 days). You will have to pay the full price for each member if you would like to bring your family along. You can spend a great time on a week long cruise with a week's salary. Working for 8 hours while on vacation is no fun to me. It is like volunteering.
  12. If Nevada requires the CES, I would say get the CES done (or at least have all the documents sent to CGFNS) before applying to the BON. Going through CGFNS service could be frustrating, annoying, confusing, and time consuming. CGFNS is very strict with the authenticity of the documents, dates, and other stuff. And they aren't very fast in doing things. The delay could be from either CGFNS itself, or your school or the licensing authority in your country or may be yourself (payment, incomplete application, mismatching dates etc.). CGFNS has a time frame for everything, they may not review the document until the last minute (i guess it depends on the volume of applications/work load), and may just say something is rejected, or incomplete or something after 2 months. It is your responsibility to make sure everything reaches to CGFNS on time, and correctly. This ensures timely processing. CGFNS has improved the services a lot, they talk nicely and explain things well while called. They used to have very rude and disrespectful people answering the phone few years back. You don't have to hold for a long time, they answer the phone right away. I have been dealing with CGFNS since 2003, and I didn't have a very pleasant experience. However, I look back and say- It was worth it. I have utilized all the services from CGFNS. As a foreign grad, specially if you need a visa (which is not even available at this time- but that is another issue), you have to go through CGFNS- There is no way out. If CGFNS already has your documents on file, future services will be easier.
  13. starbin

    Sign On Bonus in Chicago for New Grads?

    Lincoln Park Hospital had offered me $5000 (with years of experience) last year. But they offered a lower pay, and I rejected.
  14. Thanks a lot for the supportive words. I had the doctor change the patient's dialysis time (half hour shorter now), and also had the doctor write- "Ok to terminate treatment early if the patient verbalizes difficulty to stay on treatment." The patient has been compliant to her treatment time since, and she is doing fine so far.
  15. Each BON has their own requirements. CA does its own evaluation but it is also time consuming. And if you decide to move to some other state, you will have to be licensed in that state. Sooner or later, you may have to deal with CGFNS. I think it is wise to get the CES done no matter where you apply. Once it is done, the application process in most of the states becomes very easy. Good Luck.:typing
  16. starbin

    Hepa b positive

    I see. Thanks for clarification.