Worried about socialising


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Does anyone else feel anxious about going out to see friends and loved ones when you're working in Covid wards or wards with Covid positive patients?

I've already had Covid last year, I've had both my vaccines, and I'm always as careful as I can be with regards to PPE and cleaning, and yet I still worry about going out with friends JUST IN CASE I happen to be carrying the virus and JUST IN CASE I transmit the virus to my loved ones (some of which haven't been able to get even their first vaccine).

Like everyone else, I want to be able to see my loved ones again, but the anxiety and worry is always there.


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If you are following proper precautions while at work, and are fully vaccinated, your risk of spreading the virus to a vulnerable personal contact is minimal.  According to the science. 

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Where are you such that it's still difficult to get vaccinated?

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I kind of enjoyed not having to see people-I'm introverted and a homebody. Not having to make an excuse not to see anyone and everyone who invited us to do something was such a relief! My very social husband was miserable.

I do enjoy spending time with family and our closest friends, so I've taken every known precaution. You can't control everything-at some point you say to yourself that odds are with you, not against you. Your family is aware that you work with covid patients, and if they have taken all known precautions and still desire to see you, you should relax and quit letting fear guide you. We were never promised a risk-free life. Even introverts like myself still need human contact. Is your fear actually going beyond what is appropriate to the situation? Are you normally an anxious person? 

Family who have not been vaccinated are a different thing, however. I'd probably wait on them until they can get vaccinated. 

By now, however, vaccines should be available to almost everyone, unless you are specifically referring to very young children.