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Hi. I'm thinking about going to Saudi Arabia. Actually I have a contract just haven't signed it yet.. Has anyone been there recently and would you be interested in sharing your experience. Thanks... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    You essentially stay in your compound when you are not on duty. To leave the compound, as a female, you are required to be covered form head to toe, and it doesn't matter that it is 100 degrees plus in the shade. There is no pork available in Muslim countires so your barbecue would be out of the question. Your housing expenses are paid for 100% by the company as well as your living expenses. Average take home can be about $2500 per month, but remember that this is with all expenses covered.
  2. by   joannamustang
    Quote from Geena
    I worked in Armed Forces Hospital in Khamis Mushayt in 1994-1995 and had a great time. Khamis is more rural and we had no hassles what so ever. Then again, times have changed and there may be travel restrictions in place which would limit your recreational activities... important as you will be spending a lot of time in the hospital!
    I have been following the recruitment agencies and have been surprised to see that the salaries have not really increased since I have been there. Tax free or not. I would not recommend anybody going there for the dollar. The cultural e
    perience though, is unique.
    In reply to your post. I was at KFMCH in 1986/87. You probably left before i started. I really enjoyed my time there. I met my husband there and am now living in the States, originally from UK. We had some wild parties...i wonder if it's still the same? Where did you work. I worked NICU. Do you still keep in touch with anyone? Do you remember Donald,the Scot, notorious ladies man, who i believe worked in the recreation dept.?

  3. by   Snoopynurse
    I live in Riyadh. When I leave my compound, it's OK. I never wear anything above my neck (no head covering -- just carrying). I only wear a head covering in certain places (e.g., Kuwaiti souk, Batha market downtown).

    But I have been having trouble finding a hospital RN job here. I've contacted 20 hospitals (government & private). Most of them don't like my one-year nursing experience. What can I do? Would accepting a RPN job be more likely? Where could I apply for a local hire? Any leads?

  4. by   saraj
    ime considering working in saudi arabia, in Dharan, and would appreciate any advice and info on agencies worth registering with that are reputable
  5. by   deadhead359
    Quote from saraj
    ime considering working in saudi arabia, in Dharan, and would appreciate any advice and info on agencies worth registering with that are reputable
    Hi Saraj,

    What type of nurse are you? (You may make more money if you have a BSN or above) Do you have an area that you specialize in? (You may also make more money if you specialize in ICU, or OR or some area they are short in),
    You may want to approach the hospitals directly. They will want to know your experience (again, often you are paid more the more experience you have), what passport you hold (most hospitals pay different amounts to people with different passports; western country holders usually make more money than passport holders from the far east or middle east).

    I worked and lived in Riyadh from 1/90-9/95 then visited in 2000. Met my husband there and am now living happily in Lebanon. Dahran was a great place to visit, more relaxed than Riyadh at the time. My husband still does business in the Gulf and Saudi so I keep up on the goings on. Saad Hospital is in Dahran, you might want to consider them. They have been accredited through Joint Commission International, the international branch of JCAHO.

    I see from the other participants that this thread is pretty old. My experiences in Riyadh were great. I worked at King Faisal Hospital. I think all of us who worked during the Gulf War (the first one) had a mostly great time and lots of good memories. At that time the care given was excellent, the doctors from all over the world were great to work with, we had any equipment and supplies money could buy and never lacked for anything.
    Good luck!
  6. by   teddygirl
    :roll dear...friend.
    i'm frm malaysia but just got a job at Saad Hospital in Dahran...joining comind nervourse since this is my first time going to work out of the country..any advice or says to informe me ...u r welcome.
    pls waiting to hear frm all of u.
    ;it's me teddygirl cardiac nurse
  7. by   Maggie Mae
    I am also interested in some up dated information about working in KSA. I am a female with a BSN and ER experience. I would like to know about salary, language spoken in the hospital, is it easy to find language tutors? How about getting around? Public transportation, is it available? Are Americans accepted? Would patients mind having an American female nurse? Is the role of the nurse in Saudi Arabia similar to that in the US. If different how so?
    Any insight would be useful. Thank-you.
  8. by   finkisher_xx
    I want to ask of some hospitals in Saudi employ nurses without clinical experience? Like a fresh graduate?
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from finkisher_xx
    I want to ask of some hospitals in Saudi employ nurses without clinical experience? Like a fresh graduate?
    I think you will find they much prefer nurses with experience. I know from what I have seen advertised in the UK they always ask for over 12 months experience
  10. by   Ironclad
    I just wonder if they hire nurse anesthetists as well?
  11. by   Geena
    Way back they did hire NA as perfusionists.
    Update on the previous salary projection though. Current Staff nurse salary equals 2700 euro/ 3900 USD per month. Information from Professional Connections - agency operating from Europe.
  12. by   Faeriewand
    What about the language? What language does everyone speak? I mean if you speak English do the patients speak English? How can you communicate with your patient if they don't speak English?
  13. by   KING ARTHUR
    Majority of the Saudi's don't speak English and once you're there you need to learn to speak arabic which I think you'll find it easy when you start commmunicating with them. Personally I don't think it's a difficult language/or dialect to learn. In a month's time you will be able to speak simple and short sentences.
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