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Hi, I have a report to do for a nursing class, I am hoping someone could tell me what the nursing schools in germany are like. I can find plenty of web pages but I cant read english. What I would... Read More

  1. by   Fiona59
    Yup, the military hospitals can only absorb so many dependents.
  2. by   lizzyk
    Hi, does someone know any (nursing) schools in Germany which offer classes in English? Would be great if someone could help me.
    Thanks a lot.
  3. by   5cats
    Do you mean like as a foreign language english for nurses?? Or do you mean the curriculum in english??

  4. by   Savonarola
    Quote from lizzyk
    Hi, does someone know any (nursing) schools in Germany which offer classes in English? Would be great if someone could help me.
    Thanks a lot.
    I don't think so, it wouldn't make sense, to be honest.

    In Germany nurses have had diffuculties in finding jobs for a couple of years. And you should consider that competences are much lower than in other countries.

    Any questions? I am German and might be able to help.
  5. by   lizzyk
    thanks for your reply 5cats I am looking for nursing classes which are taught in's hard to find a school which offers such classes...
  6. by   5cats

    I'm not aware of any schools in Germany that are doing this, there are schools where english is taught see Ulm or Heidelberg for instance, but not the nursing curriculum, you could try to contact the american base in Frankfurt, there's an american army hospital. But for a german nursing school you'll need to be fluent in german.
  7. by   redina
    hii...! i am redina and im from albaniaa...i wold love to follow a nursing school in germany but i got a problem! i dont know very well german language! i would like to ask you if there is any exam to be accepted in that school and if it is very difficult.....are there any classes for foreigners pupils??? please i really need this informantion...!! thankey...|
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    If you want to do your nurse training in Germany then you will need to be fluent in German (can't image they will accept you if you are not)
  9. by   Mona77
    You will have to be able to speak and understand German fluently to attend a nursing program! You must be able to follow classes and not start learning German during education!
    It`s like in any other coountry, language proficiency is a prerequisite!
  10. by   redina
    okkk i really understand german but i find it very hard to writeee and understand medicine terms.....i got another question pleasee: how much do i have to pay to get in this school???? the pre exam is very difficult????? really thnx
  11. by   redina
    i have also heard that there are schools that u can learn all the subjects in english and study germanyy at the same this true?????
  12. by   5cats
    No, nonsense, nursing education in Germany is in german, nothing else would make sense.
    You pay nothing to go to nursing school. it's hospital affiliated, so you find an employer who is willing to invest in your training, it's a paid apprenticeship system.
    Your writing has to be good too and spoken german as well of course.
  13. by   Mona77
    You will have two possibilities, either apply to a nursing school or attend nursing program at an university!

    Within the last few years BSN programs were introduced in some federal states e.g. Sachsen, Thringen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Niedersachsen.

    To attend an university program you will need secondary school level equivalent to the german Abitur!

    Nursing schools are affiliated to regional or university hospitals!

    Major difference nursing school program is paid and for university education you have to pay for!

    An apprenticeship application will only be successful if sufficient language skills are demonstrated in your cover letter and resume!

    Not every nursing school requires an exam before admittance, but some will maybe require an essay or a piece of art related to nursing prior interview!

    Nursing education is changing in Germany, nursing science, critical thinking skills and evidence based nursing will accompany you through all the years!

    I graduated in 2007, we finished our education as the first after new law introduction in 2004, the curriculum was extended, but the years of education remained the same.
    That resulted in lots of hours of preparation and learning at home, writing essays and working on presentations!
    Be aware that without language proficiency you won`t be able to pass the final exams and you`ll have 3 written exams (all case-related), a two day practical exam and 3 oral examinations!