Working during school?


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I've been contemplating working full time in the nursing home (3 12s) when and if I get back into this new school for May-May. I've been wanting to move out with my boyfriend and out of my parents' house, and this would be the only way we could stay afloat.

I think I could do it, especially studying overnight when it is quiet and we're I'm waiting for the 5am med pass and anything in-between.

I don't have too much trouble learning the content (but it is there), but I still have test anxiety. I've been doing everything I can for it, including a nursing tutor, accommodations and having a separate room/quiet room for exams. I plan on doing all of this at my new school too.

I just don't know what's best. I think studying at a quiet apartment with my boyfriend would be so beneficial to me. I love my parents but it's SO hard to study at home.

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I would start school first, and see how much time & effort is required. 

I'm sure that taking on 3 12-hours shifts/week plus school is asking for trouble. You mention a boyfriend. When do you plan to have time to even talk to him? Nursing school is difficult enough as a single person, when you only have to please yourself. Adding a full-time workweek to the mix is not something I would want to do. 

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Nursing school is a full time commitment. It appears you already need special accommodations.  Get a part time job and have the boyfriend pay the rent.

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Never depend on work downtime to study. #1, you're there to work, not complete school work or study-most employers feel this way. #2, the nights that you'd plan to study for the test, you'd have multiple situations keeping you from it. From your posts with various issues (write ups, a patient fall that you almost didn't report), I'd spend my time learning my current job, then return to school

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I suppose you guys are right. I'll most likely just go per diem (again) and focus on school. Thank you all for your honest input. I have a lot to learn and I need to start taking things more seriously.