Working and Nursing situation, it can't be done.


Evening all,

I've been considering quitting my job to focus on nursing school. I do have the resources to quit, but that would mean drawing down 13 years of state retirement and I really do not want to do that. I'm 33 years old and work at a prison that doesn't tolerate studying during down time, nor will they let you bring anything in to study for that matter. No notes, no books, no index cards, nothing! This is a big problem for me. Before I started LPN school this was no problem. Now all of a sudden, no reading or school material is allowed on the job. They do check you and your bags before entering, so there is no way to study period. My schedule is 2-12 hours shifts and 2-8 hour shifts Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Off on Sunday and Monday. School 8 to 4 Monday thru Friday. By the time I get out of school and go straight to work, work all night and get home, I might get in bed by 2 a.m. and back up the next morning by 6 a.m. This is taking a toll on me mentally and physically to the point of where I was so sick and exhausted I could not get out of bed on my days off. There is no option to go part time, and soon, I will have to choose job or nursing school, because of the no tolerance to flex shift due to staff shortage. I want this so bad and for now I am doing well considering what I have put my body through this past month. I am married (2nd income) with 3 children and just unsure on what road to take. I can't let what I worked so hard for be taken, but I can't help but think of the unknowns and what ifs.

Anyone have any ideas on what if anything I might could do to get this load off of my shoulders? I know eventually I will have to give up something. I just don't want it to be nursing school.


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If you have a smartphone, there's plenty of study apps for all kinds of subjects so possibly that could you help out studying? Many are even free.

Good luck to you! :)


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Do that have a work computer you can use? Maybe load all your info on and study flash cards that way? Gosh other then that I'm fresh out if ideas. How long is nursing school can you take a personal leave if absence?

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Honestly, I know how hard it must be. And you worked hard to get where you are with your current job... But if nursing is what you REALLY want and your options are as limited as you say they are- then I would quit my job if I were you. You will thank yourself once you graduate an become a nurse! It's worth so much more than 13 years of retirement and a job that doesn't allow you to do what you want (study) on your lunch break. That sucks!! Sorry Hun :(

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Thanks for replying...yes it is very limited...blocks on internet unless work related...and no lunch breaks. Although the money is great....I cant see myself doing this another 13 years for that reason....nursing is what I want to do :)


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List out the pros and cons. Do you plan on going on to RN shortly after? Possibly even within the Prison system? Sometimes you have to go with your heart. If you have the support of family, and plan on going for your RN after LVN, I would probably focus on school and be the best nurse you can be. Or figure a way to study while working, many hold fulltime jobs and go to school. I personally could not. If you quit Nursing school how would you feel? Your still young. Whatever decision you make, whether you stay at your job or go to school make it a success. If you do quit, don't settle for LVN, KEEP GOING.....and don't look back!!!!!! My 2cent..........

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I'm about to graduate from LVN school...

My opinion is....Lvn school got easier and required less studying after about 4-6 months. If you can make it through that hump, it may become easier.

That being said my program was like yours: 5 days per week 8 hours each day (plus extensive travel time) I could not have worked full time, (I didn't really work at all except a day here or there and I worked during our single 2 week break at Christmas and I worked thanksgiving holiday)

but as time has gone on, I think I could handle work weekends only or perhaps 2 days each week max. Will your job allow you to scale back your hours?


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With strength and The Lord all things are possible :) I work full time and go to pn school full time. It's pretty much all about time management and staying focused:)

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Thanks for replying...yes it is very limited...blocks on internet unless work related...and no lunch breaks. Although the money is great....I cant see myself doing this another 13 years for that reason....nursing is what I want to do :)

Wait you dont get lunch breaks? Thats quite illegal.