Working at a nursing home a bad idea?

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I just passed my NCLEX last week and am now looking for a job. I don't feel quite ready to work at a hospital and wanted to get some experience in before working at a hospital (like at a nursing home). Do you think that this is a bad idea?


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Apparently it is lol.


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It depends on your Long term goals. Are you a LPN or RN? Nursing homes will give you great structure on how to do things repetative. Its the same thing daily. You just perfect it and get faster at it.It will build your confidence. The hospital is difference. No two days are the same. It requires more problem solving and critical thinking. You learn to do more things and you are exposed to more. Both jobs are fast paced and hectic.

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If I were you, I'd choose to work in the hospital as a first choice. Since the job market is tough, many hospitals prefer candidates with acute care experiences in the hospitals. When you worked in the hospital, you'll learn all sorts of things such as IV pumps, chest tubes, procedures so the experience is invaluable. Don't be afraid and just go for it !

Good luck.

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In defense of working in LTC, I have to say, I get daily experience in IV, PICC lines, wound vacs, trache care, g-tubes, j- tubes etc... It is not what it used to be in a nursing home. Gramma doesnt go there just because she cant bake cookies anymore. My oldest resident is 103, my youngest is 19. No 2 days are the same. I am lucky that I work in a well staffed nice facility that truly cares about residents. But to think you may not get experience or lose your skills is not the case!! It is hard to find good nursing homes- they have very little job turn over, in all departments!! Good luck in whatever you decide to do!!


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Depends on if your an RN or LPN and where you live. In NJ only RN's are being taken into hospitals. I think if you have the opportunity to work in the hospital I'd go for it!! You'd get much more experience and knowledge that a nursing home. It may be scary to just jump right in but that's the only way you'll learn. Good Luck!


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Yes. Plain and simple. I've worked with over 60 skilled nursing facilities over the past 4 years here in California, and I can say with absolute conviction, that quality nurses in nursing homes are few and far between. Working in a nursing home is sort of like the Hotel California -- both you (and sometimes the patients) can check in, but never leave. While hospitals technically look at nursing home work as 'experience' it can be a red flag as to your ability as an RN. -- Not trolling for responses, if you're a SNF RN by your very nature of reading this forum you probably are that competent nurse.


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Thank you all so much for replying! It changed my focus to applying for Nursing Jobs in hospitals.

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If i could get a job i would definitely go with the hospital, unfortunately I am not desirable even at a nursing home lol but lots of luck to you, if you have the opportunity to work at a hospital go for it, even if you dont feel ready yet it will be challenging and you'll more than you would ever in a nursing home.


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Keep trying CookieMonster! I'm only beginning my Job Search and right now due to my financial situation if push comes to shove -- I'll take a LTC facility position any day over having no job whatsoever. Heck, if need be I'll work at Starbucks.

A friend of mine had to work at a LTC facility first then after 6 months transferred to a hospital. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do!

if that is the only job available then go fo it. but if given a choice, i would first take a job in a hospital.


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I would try to stay away from nursing home if I was you- but good lu ck to you

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