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bymysoultosqueezeRN has 1 years experience and specializes in corrections.

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  1. Hi everyone , I have a question/ dilemma. Ive been a nurse since 2009, first i worked in corrections and 4 months ago i started working at long term care/ sub acute (better benefits and shift) I had a hard time finding a hospital job , which is very common I hear. Anyway I am graduating with my BSN May 2012 and I want to continue with grad school but being a single mom who needs to work full time and with little to no help babysitting I cannot do any program that requires clinicals. I was thinking about doing MSN in education but I'm afraid I dont have enough experience. After I graduate I am pretty sure I can find a hospital job and work during MSN program so by the end of it i will have had some hospital experience. But what if I don't find a hospital job? Would I still be marketable to any community colleges and such? I really enjoy teaching/ tutoring and always wanted to be a teacher but somehow ended up in nursing. I don't want to take a break in schooling because I know myself and once I take a break I will have a very difficult time going back. Any words of advice? thanks!
  2. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    why is the corrections facility hiring so much?

    probably high turnover. last year they hired 3 of us and not they hired 3 more. but two people left, a lot of times corrections is a spring board for new grads
  3. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    what about this doctor?

    that is absolutely ridiculous he should lose his license. but its a well known fact that doctors like to cover for one another
  4. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    Favorite bumper stickers

  5. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    Favorite bumper stickers

  6. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    I'm I expecting to much?

    at m y facility a nurse with abour 8 years of experience (icu, neuro ) gets 27bucks an hour. sad.
  7. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    Thoughts on First Week

    yea you cant just get a tour. you will probably get only to your place of interview, if you get one. wear nothing revealing, pant suit is fine. dont wear any metal because you wont clear the metal detector machine.
  8. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    Thoughts on First Week

    it takes a long time to hear back from them (at least here in nj) i didnt even remember applying lol i got an interview in august and didnt start working until nov 2nd but the clearance process takes a while. i hope i dont discourage you, its worth the wait, i really like my job and yes you can learn a lot in a slower pace. and you cant beat all the pba cards you get from the officers hehe hello getting out of jail card ;)
  9. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    Safety of Jail Rn with no deputys or guards?

    wow thats just wrong, you should bring this to someones attention! you shouldn't go to work until this is taken care of.
  10. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    Diabetic care in corrections.

    no restrictions at all, they do get an order for ada 2400 diet but the kitchen doesnt serve it. they buy whatever they want at the commissary. They get chronic care clinic every 3 months and if the HbgA1c is above 8 i believe they should be seen every month, but that isnt exactly working out that well either
  11. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    Thoughts on First Week

    NewGradRN I had orientation on all shifts (as i was per diem) and it took about 6 weeks. No one ate me alive lol and I was a new nurse, there is some drama but I assume it happens wherever women work together. We work 8hr shifts. I really enjoy my job is not as crazy as the hospital (i have time to eat lunch and pee lol, sometimes it gets hectic but usually it's manageable)
  12. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    one step nearer my grave

    :jester:happy birthday!! yes, God is great :) will always take care of you Good luck with the new job
  13. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    Favorite bumper stickers

    haha i LOVE it, saw one that said don't make me release the flying monkeys i luv wicked (the book)
  14. bymysoultosqueezeRN


    if your treatment team didn't do anything about it try addressing the issue with the dept of corrections, speak to a Lt or even the captain or chief. Where I work at DOC can override treatment team's orders as far as housing goes. SAFETY FIRST. Good luck
  15. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    First year in nursing in a correctional setting

    the prison i work at actually has one cop wannabe who drives around at night looking for someone to arrest lol its sad
  16. bymysoultosqueezeRN

    psychiatric nursing magazines?

    thank you guys! ill look into the jpn i think i can do the 95 bucks.