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MSN in education after 3 years as a LTC and corrections?

Specializes in corrections. Has 1 years experience.

Hi everyone , I have a question/ dilemma. Ive been a nurse since 2009, first i worked in corrections and 4 months ago i started working at long term care/ sub acute (better benefits and shift) I had a hard time finding a hospital job , which is very common I hear. Anyway I am graduating with my BSN May 2012 and I want to continue with grad school but being a single mom who needs to work full time and with little to no help babysitting I cannot do any program that requires clinicals. I was thinking about doing MSN in education but I'm afraid I dont have enough experience. After I graduate I am pretty sure I can find a hospital job and work during MSN program so by the end of it i will have had some hospital experience. But what if I don't find a hospital job? Would I still be marketable to any community colleges and such? I really enjoy teaching/ tutoring and always wanted to be a teacher but somehow ended up in nursing. I don't want to take a break in schooling because I know myself and once I take a break I will have a very difficult time going back. Any words of advice? thanks!

I really think you'd be hired with the degree. Not enough people want to teach nursing due to the lower salaries it seems, but in your situation it'd probably be ideal to have teacher's hours. You probably wouldn't have that much competition so I'd say your odds are good particularly in a community college or votech.