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Hi guys,those who are working in Ontario as rpn,how is work for them in small cities of Ontario compare to big cities?I am planning to move to Ontario but by reading all the topics here doesn't seem like there is much work there for rpns.Here in Nova Scotia,we get hired as casual and most of the time get 65-70hrs biweekly and in summer 75hrs and occasionally overtime.Is it same there?Robin told me about Trenton area but i want to know more about other cities of ontario.Plz help guys,I just dont want to move there and then regret.In Nove scotia we always need nurses,it does get slow here at this time of year but not to to bad.Thanks in advance


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Left for me I would advice you to please wait till you get full information about this. My understanding is that there arev many RPNs here without a job and majority who have are not full time. It won't be nice for you to move and get frustrated. I hope you will get some good information on this site.

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There are a few mid sized hospitals that are 'changing the model of care' ie cut staff and save money. They are hiring RPNs to replace RNs. So you might get full time sooner at a hospital like that. Very rural areas hire right to full time. Toronto has no jobs. The pt staff on my unit get 30 hours or so a week, but my girlfriend at the hospital across town is lucky to get a shift a week. Different hospitals, different philosophies on staffing.

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Due to union contracts full time jobs will go to internal applicants first. Casuals where I work don't get many hours. I work in a small Ontario town and there are no jobs.


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Thank u so much guys!!


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If you are willing to go further out of the GTA, you will have better success at gaining employment. Peterborough is where I'm at, and we are looking for nurses for home care. This involves driving from client to client, and we do have some remote areas. The greater Toronto area is saturated with nurses, so keep that in mind when you consider your move.