Work clothings for PMHNPs

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by this fall, I will be in my last year of training. Please I would want to know how you dress for work and the reason if any. Thanks for your response


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Hi there. In the US, most PHNPs that work in offices, wear office casual, some with and some without lab coats.



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I generally wear business casual slacks - khaki, brown, navy, "stone," etc with matching socks and some kind of slip-on shoe. I also wear button down, collared shirts with a preference for long sleeves. Sometimes I wear dark denim jeans on what I've declared to be "casual Thursdays" as Thursdays are my Friday. I don't do that a lot though as I find the therapists dress down, sometimes too much, and even dark denim is coming too close to their less than professional dress. It happens that I'm also finding the slacks more comfortable than jeans. I've known one PMHNP to wear a suit everyday, and I've known another to wear jeans, sneakers, and her favorite t-shirt of the day. I suppose it varies, and you may have a workplace dress code. I don't know what mine is.

Well, now that I see you're a girl I realize my elaborate reply probably won't help you out much.


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PsychGuy...very well put, even if addressed to females. I too find that in the office I work "casual Friday" is pretty gross sometimes. We actually had an office worker show up in frayed jean shorts. Needless to say she was sent home and from that day on, jeans and shorts are a no-no. I find that as the practitioner, I can wear something more casual, but still not comfortable "dressing down". But then, as you note, some people each his/her own.



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No white coat at all. Business casual. I hate wearing suit or white coat. I want to bring me to the same level as patient as much as possible to built rapport, which is less important in other nursing specialties. So.. I try not overdress but look professional at the same time. I know some people like wearing white coats in hospital setting but I don't it is appropriate. White coat is highly impersonal. Putting on suit is too much.

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Thanks so much for your responses. I found them helpful to my future practice.



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Hey lhflanurseNP, I know u probably have been asked questions about this a million times... But nevertheless, I too have a question and/or needing advice about South University. When you have a moment can you email me.

Thanks in advance