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  1. Passed PMHNP ANCC

    I passed the ANCC PMHNP exam!!! Thanks to Barnstormin'PMHNP and everyone who put out a word or more to help. It's an awesome feeling to get past the exam. The exam was hard, I wont lie but it is doable with faith in God and much studying. I used the ...
  2. Psych NP new grad's pay

    wow!!! what a lecture and great info, thanks so much. This is so helpful. I wish financial education is part of our curriculum in school to get us well informed about our options. Thanks again
  3. Psych NP new grad's pay

    Thank you so much PsychGuy, am sorry i did not make it clear, it is 1099 and I have no idea how that might hurt. However, I wont be needing an additional health insurance coverage now.
  4. Psych NP new grad's pay

    Thanks Jule, I had psychiatrist and an NP who has his own practice as preceptors. Not many psych NPs here to ask. It is 1099, thats why I am concerned.
  5. Psych NP new grad's pay

    Hi, am a new psych NP grad out of Texas. I would want to ask for your candid advice here. I just got an offer with an outpatient clinic run by a psychologist. They are offering 75 dollars an hour, malpractice insurance and an unspecified amount for ...
  6. Passed PMHNP ANCC

    Hi Mattdrn, quick question please, do you think there is need for boardvitals when I have the ANCC practice test questions and the book? I test in October and trying to prepare well. Thanks
  7. Passed PMHNP ANCC

    please go for test questions ANCC Certification Preparation Resources
  8. Passed FNP ANCC July, 2016!

    Congratulations! awesome!
  9. Passed PMHNP ANCC

    Congratulations , Matthdrn!! what a relief. I wish I was in your shoes right now, please enjoy the vistory, it is awesome, PMHNP
  10. Passed PMHNP ANCC

    Wow!! Barnstormin' PMHNP, you are wonderful, thank you so much for the details. I am so relieved with the breakdown. If you want to sell your ANCC review book, new edition, let me know,please PM me
  11. Passed PMHNP ANCC

    Barnstormin' PMHNP: Congratulations!! am excited for you on your new job too. Please can you break down how you studied and what exactly you used that was most helpful to you. I am just done with PMHNP school and preparing to start studying for the b...
  12. 2016 PMHNP Exam

    hello everyone, did you just take the new PMHNP exam this year? did you pass? how did you prepare? Please share to help people like me. Thanks
  13. PMHNP Exam

    Thanks so much, ClusterB, you really answered my question. Please which is the review book among the resources? Is it the CE Module for Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Review & Resource Manual, 5th Ed.?

    Hi everyone, I am about finishing up my PMHNP program and trying to get ready for the board exams. Please guys, for those that have prepared, taken and passed the exams, can you give details about the resources that you found useful and recommendab...
  15. 2016 AANC EXAMS

    My mistake, ANCC exams please!!