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Words of Encouragement?


Hey y'all!

I'm a few weeks from finishing up my 4th semester and, as excited as I am about this and going into my final semester this fall, I feel like I've hit a wall with nursing school. Moving online has definitely taken a toll on my confidence. I feel like I'm not learning enough and my knowledge base is far from where it should be, I'm constantly comparing my productivity to that of my friends and classmates, I keep fretting over if I'll have to retake the NCLEX multiple times, and that I ultimately won't be a good nurse (if, as my brain tells me, I even become one at all). On top of that, I feel guilty and selfish for even worrying about this because there are much more pressing issues for people and in healthcare right now.

I know deep down that what I'm telling myself is ridiculous and I've talked a lot to friends about this, but I'm still feeling isolated, discouraged, and terrified I'm going to fail out and never become a nurse.

Does anyone else feel this way? Any words of advice or encouragement? I appreciate y'all so much!


Congratulations on almost finishing!

I'm a nursing student as well, on my last semester. I definitely understand the move toward online classes being difficult. I've been having a hard time motivating myself to study or getting into a routine. But we have to stay strong! Just keep reminding yourself how close you are to the finish line. Once you have that degree in your hand you'll see all this heartache and stress is worth it..

Also, from hearing alot of nurses stories when I went to clinical, I was told the NCLEX was easy compared to our exams during class! Crazy right? Just remember, practice questions, practice questions, and practice questions. Whenever I have a hard time studying, I look up videos on Youtube about the subject I'm learning about and just watch them, maybe that will help 🙂

Please, if you have a good lead professor reach out to them! I have a mentor my school assigned to me who I am able to talk with for any questions or concerns! Remember, they are their to help you succeed 🙂

Good luck!


I'm also in my last semester and have found that nearly all motivation I had is gone. Moving online is an adjustment for sure (but it's not all bad- I've been able to eat cereal and have a glass of wine in my sweats during lectures 😉 ), and I feel very disconnected from the whole learning experience. Our clinicals are being adjusted a great deal so the bulk will be online, which I find a little scary, just because I lovvvved having the hands on experience with an instructor or experienced nurse being able to watch my back.

As far as NCLEX goes, keep on doing those practice questions. We will all be okay.

Learning is a skill. Your learning doesn’t stop when you walk out the door from school. You will be responsible for continuing to learn after you get your license. You’ve got this. It’s all in your mindset. You are your best teacher.

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You poor thing. This is quite a rabbit hole of anxiety your mind has gone down. When this kind of mental attack comes at you, it may be helpful to review what you know. Not in terms of school work so much, but in terms of all you have done to date in your life. Everyone has a story. Whatever yours is, you have handled it. You are here, doing something incredibly hard (nursing school) at an unprecedentedly hard time (during a worldwide pandemic). Remind yourself concretely that whatever life throws, you will handle it. When the demons start whispering, let them know you will handle it.

If you continue to struggle with this, see someone and talk about it. Everyone is having anxiety right now, about all sorts of things. You aren't weird or unusual and you are definitely not alone.