Wondering if I can do this next semester...need feedback

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I had to schedule classes for next semester, today at orientation. I'll be taking Community based nursing and adult systems 1.

Can/should or would you take A&P 2 and Organic chem with it?

It would be around 16 hours. I have 3 kiddos and a dh but no job. Any thoughts? (oh and if it helps, I suck at chem but really like a&p) :chuckle

I'm just not sure what to expect and I have to have both classes before I go onto semester 2 of nursing. These are "co-requisites" but advisors say it'll be tough. But advisors told me it'd be tough taking 12 hrs of classes last semester. So I don't really trust their word too much.


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Since you like the A&P, I would suggest that you take that this spring, but I would hold off with the chem until the summer if you can. This way if you are not taking any other classes, you can devote more time to this "devil" of a class.

Good luck!



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it all depends on when your 2nd semester is?

if yours will be in the summer, then you have no choice? if yours is next fall, take one class at a time.

however, it is doable. didn't help much, but i wish you all the best.


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I think you should put off the chemistry, it can be a real toughy. I did chemistry during the summer with three other courses and it was really really hard. If you are going to do chemistry alone during the summer, that would be good. You will be able to learn the principles and know them enough to do well in your exams.

Let me hope this helps.



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I think you should do it - I suck at chemistry too, but got an A - lots of studying and three kids and a dh to say - sorry, I'm studying too a lot, but it went okay. There is a book out there c alled "Chemistry for the Biology Student" that was optional for us. It really helped, especially at review time


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Thanks ladies. :) I'm thinking of trying it out and if I get too far over my head, I can just drop the chem.

I BARELY passed chem this past semester but everything is still fairly fresh.

Plus, if I take it over summer, I'd be cramming 16 wks worth of info into 6 weeks and that's a SHORT amount of time! EEK!

So, my mind isn't made up yet, but I am leaning towards just taking it and planning of working my butt off! I just want to do VERY well in nursing b/c the competition is so tough to stay in! Oh well, I can do it if I put my mind to it! ;) right? :chuckle


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Well....I wouldn't if I had the option to take it in the Summer. Have you taken any Nursing classes yet? It's hard to decide if you don't know what you're getting with those. For me, the nursing classes turned out to be a bigger time commitment than I thought. That made me decide to take my remaining 3 non-nursing classes in the summer. Short semester be darned, It will still be a picnic compared to those nursing reading assignments I am sure.


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I think Organic Chemistry is a lil different than regular ole chemistry.. If possible I would put it off.. What semester nursing student are you?

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