UW-Oshkosh Accelerated BSN - May 2015 Cohort

  1. Greetings!

    I've started the application process for the May 2015 cohort, with the September 15, 2014 deadline in mind. I've completed the academic prerequisites, with the exception of Biochemistry; and I'm enrolled in that for this fall semester. Luckily, I scored well enough on the TEAS V that I won't need to take an advanced composition class. I live in Milwaukee and I've been taking prerequisites at Milwaukee Area Technical College. I haven't yet started my CNA training and I hope to have that completed in October or November.

    Once I decided to leave full-time employment to concentrate on prerequisites, I started doing very well and am thoroughly enjoying my classes. UW-Oshkosh uses prerequisite grades to determine GPA, so I should be competitive in that regard. My TEAS V scores were quite high, so I should be in good shape there, as well. My definitive weakness will be my lack of CNA experience. Past UW-Oshkosh ABSN threads show the lack of CNA experience trips up many applicants.

    Is anyone else thinking of applying?
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  3. by   aaakers27
    I myself haven't applied. However many of my classmates in my current nursing program have almost all applied to UW-Oshkosh and been denied, even those with exceptional grades, CNA experience and volunteer work. They stated that unless you had a good connection with the directors you had a tough shot of getting in. But I wish you the best of luck!!!!!!
  4. by   PacificRim
    Thank you for your reply. It would seem, with 30 seats potentially spread among 14 states, that anyone's chance would be scant. A few weeks back I'd decided against applying to the program for this reason. But...then I scored really well on the TEAS V, so I decided to throw my hat in. Of course, applying means I'll need to continue taking prerequisites (Biochemistry) and become a CNA. The advantage, for me, is that I wouldn't have to sell my house and move. Additionally, I'm eligible for the Wisconsin GI Bill and that means a significant cost savings for me.
  5. by   sallyMSW
    I am really interested in applying for this program. I have to call tomorrow because I only have 3/6 science pre-reqs and all the rest completed. I was planning to take A&P2, Microbiology and Chem2 in the fall. Am I crazy? Probably! haha. I have a bachelors and masters degree and have been working in a hospital for a couple years. I am taking the TEAS at the end of the month and I dont have my CNA license yet. I am EXTREMELY nervous about my chances to get in without CNA experience. I am going to call tomorrow to see if I would be eligible to apply for May 2015 or if I have to wait until October 2015 because of my classes.
  6. by   Rnis
    I was in the program without a connection to the directors. Not having cna experience (or at least some experience) will make it very very difficult to get in to the program. I had to apply two times as did many of my classmates. It's a very competitive program which is why it's hard to get in. when I met my classmates i kind of thought "why did they pick me? " Most had incredible backgrounds. It is a fabulous program that will definitely prepare you to be a nurse. Good luck to you all. Just know that you might have to apply more than once, and that shouldn't discourage you. just figure out where you application was weak and strengthen it. For me i wasn't even considered the first time because i wasn't going to have all my classes done by a certain point and because they had so many qualified people it was one of the eliminators. also i didn't have a reference regarding my cna work...got those taken care of and got in.
  7. by   cjatchis
    Hello to all! This is my first post. I actually just reapplied to UW Oshkosh for May 2015 after being denied for the October 2014 cohort due to lack of CNA experience. I had an appointment with the admissions counselor and she said that everything looked great but that they didnt even consider anyone without CNA experience regardless of grades/scores. I went and found CNA work immediately but Im still so nervous (crossing my fingers the second times a charm)

    Good luck to everyone!
  8. by   northwood
    Hi everyone. This is my first post also. After about 3 years of considering applying to this program, I finally finished up most of the prerequisites this spring and decided it was time to jump in with both feet for the May 2015 cohort. The only two things I had left were to get my CNA and take the TEAS. I got my CNA done this summer, but am still waiting on state certification since it has taken almost 2 months to get a test date at a location within a reasonable driving distance (2 hrs.). My CNA certification exam is in two days and after that I will have absolutely everything complete. I took the TEAS last week and thought I did horrible on a couple of the sections, but got my results back on Friday and I did better than I thought with a 91.3% adjusted total score.....hopefully that is enough. The one thing I am worried about in this whole process is my lack of CNA experience, since every other thread around here on the Oshkosh program seems to stress the importance of this component. I am hoping my saving grace will be that I have been working as an EMT for the past 2 years and that they consider that. Good luck everyone.
  9. by   cjatchis
    I just got an email about setting up the phone interview. Eeeek! I'm so excited and nervous. Anyone have any idea what this interview is about?
  10. by   northwood
    Congrats on the phone interview! Of all the threads I've read, everybody is pretty vague on what the phone interview entails. From what I have been able to glean, the phone interviews in the past have focused on what people know about the accelerated program. Questions seem to have focused on what you know about the intensity of the program and the time commitment necessary to be successful. Also someone in the past mentioned them possibly asking why you specifically wanted to be part of the UW Oshkosh accelerated program. Overall it seems the consensus is that the phone portion is sort of non-traditional in the interview sense. Not sure if any of this helps you in preparing for your interview.

    I just sent in the last of my outstanding paperwork this morning so hopefully my application gets reviewed soon.

  11. by   LanetteL
    I am also applying for the May 2015 cohort! I am quite nervous; I have my phone interview coming up soon! Wish you all the best of luck! I'll be keeping in touch!
  12. by   cjatchis
    I know! I am nervous too. I have my interview in 4 days (on the 14th.) Northwood, from what I researched as well it seems that they want you to understand what you are getting into. Makes sense.

    Again, good luck to everyone. I'll keep in touch as well
  13. by   volson22
    Hi all!! I, too, applied to the May 2015 cohort. I applied for the October 2014 cohort but was denied based on a low Teas score. I think my problem was that I had bought the wrong study materials. After purchasing the ATI study book and retaking the test, I scored much, much higher.

    Tomorrow morning is my phone interview. I am nervous but also super excited!!

    Good luck to all of you! This is such a nerve-wracking but exciting experience!
  14. by   cjatchis
    So how did the interview go?