UW Oshkosh Accelerated Program??

  1. Hey everybody out there! I recently applied to the UW Oshkosh Accelerated Online program for Oct '07. I currently live in Colorado, but am moving to Green Bay with my husband in March. We aren't moving for school, but my husband is from Wisconsin and ready to live in the Midwest again. He is also going to start his own business, whenever I am done with nursing school.

    I already have a bachelor's and wanted to use that to my advantage and apply to a school that gives you credit for that work. I am really excited about this program, but nervous about the application process. Does anyone know how the online and telephone interviews are formatted?

    I would really love to talk to anyone who has applied to, or been through this program. First hand experience is always so helpful!

    And as a side note, (completey unrelated but I thought I'd throw it out) does anyone have advice for a good neighborhood to buy a house in Green Bay??

    Thanks to everyone!:spin:
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  3. by   sail81
    Hi Erin,

    I recently applied for May 07 and am on the waiting list. I will reapply for Oct, as I think I would prefer this start date anyway so I don't have to overlap my pre req classes this semester with starting the program. The telephone interview was not bad at all...not sure what I can say...it was your typical phone interview. You're interviewed by two people, one an instructor and the other a Director....they are both real friendly and just ask you questions to ensure you're ready for such an intense program. I have heard it is crazy intense, but totally worth it. Maybe we will be in the Oct class together!! Hope this helps.!
  4. by   erin1205
    Well thanks for the info! Good luck to you...I just turned in all my stuff for the Oct start date and I am just so anxious to hear back, although I know it is a ways to go! Maybe we will be classmates in October... where in Wisconsin do you live?
  5. by   dodo102
    do u hear about the oct07 acc.bsn?
  6. by   dodo102
    is it online interview or you have to talk to people? i head that you need to answer questions online for half minutes? help please
  7. by   firstyearRN
    Is it too late to apply for october? I don't yet have all the prereqs but I'd really like to go to this school! Thanks.
  8. by   dodo102
    yes ...it is late. the october deadline is march16 and the may deadline is in october.....
  9. by   ERRNTraveler
    Nice neighborhoods in the Green Bay area- near Southwest High School, NorthEast side of town, Villages of Howard or Bellevue, City of DePere. Crappy parts of Green Bay- downtown, neighborhoods running along both Main & Mason streets, and the "Tank" neightborhood (yes, the official name for the neighborhood is actually "Tank").
  10. by   erin1205
    Well, I found out about two weeks ago that I made it into the program!! I start in October...anybody else out there joining me? Sail...I know you applied, did you hear yet?
  11. by   Cari001
    Hey Erin,

    I see it's been 2 years since you got accepted to UW OshKosh... but I have to know, how it it??!!! I'm interested in applying for the Oct 2010 Cohert. I look forward to talking to you about your experiences! Thanks, Cari
  12. by   rmasndlovu
    Would any of you know what score you need on the TEAS test?