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  1. sail81

    Anyone from St. Anthony College of Nursing?

    I am currently attending SACN. Tough school but I hear it prepares you well. What ?s do you have?
  2. sail81

    It's getting better....

    Thanks for the reply! You are saying pretty much what I have expected. Is there anything I can do now to make the gap from student to nurse better? It's hard to think I am just getting my feet wet because I am stressed out in school and to think its really going to hit bottom before it gets better isn't very encouraging. BUT, I am in this and I am not quitting! I've been in the "real" world for some time and really feel nursing is a calling. So, if you can think of anything I can do to really dive in now (especially when I have an instructor on the floor) let me know. I plan to get an internship over the summer to gain more experience too----then when I graduate I hope to do a Nurse Resident program........ blah blah....OK, got to do a care plan :-) Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. sail81

    It's getting better....

    I am a student and appreciate your honesty. I'm expecting hell for the first year, but hoping to get used to it or get out. But what us students really need to know is: Is it even worth it? Are you telling us to forget it? OR Are you saying it is hell for a while until you get used to the ropes..............
  4. I'm in nursing school now and going into this I was determined not to let anxiety and depression get in my way. Easier said than done. I'm on sertraline and also listen to Joel Osteen a lot which seems to help me bypass depression on those "bad" days. Its not fun and it doesn't help when people just tell you to "get up and go" or "stop worrying".....it's a disease. My prayers are with you guys! Hopefully she'll gain strength because with her experiences she probably brings valuable knowledge to the world of nursing and there are many patients that need her. God Bless.
  5. Hi, I love this forum! As a current nursing student I can see that my biggest problem is being aggressive with my questions. Obviously since I am new at this I have questions and obviously since there is a shortage of nurses every single nurse is always busy---everytime I ask them a question I feel like I am bothering them. I've used a couple tips of my own---but does anyone have any tips on asking for other's help without feeling like your buggin them? I know I need to get past this if I am going to be a good nurse b/c as a nurse bothering is neccessary (especially calling the Docs)....just wondered how anyone else dealt with this. Thanks all, I appreciate it!
  6. sail81

    St. Anthony's Rockford

    Hi there! I JUST applied, I'll probably get put on a waiting list (cuz its so late) if I get in...I already have degree but my GPA from my previous degree was only a 2.6 from UW-Madison, so I am hoping they take the grades from my most recent classes more seriously! We'll see....what have you heard about grades and SACN? What about the waiting list?...Hope all is well.
  7. sail81

    Accelerated Nursing Program at UW-O

    Actually, I reviewed this and their NCLEX rates are the same as their traditional program.
  8. sail81

    social anxiety

    Hi there! I too suffer from a social anxiety disorder and hate group work too!! I was put on Zoloft at 100mg in 2001, I have since then gone down to 50 mg but sometimes with the stress of Nursing school approaching I should go to 100 again. Some people just tell me to "stop worrying" but they don't understand. That's like telling someone with anorexia to eat. And once the anxiety starts flowing it seems to get worse. I recently had my first panic attack...I couldn't breath, I feel like I am going to have wrinkles and gray hair sooner than ever! I was diagnosed when the Doc found I not only had a heart murmur but also Mitral Valve Prolapse apparently MVP has a correlation with anxiety disorders. So that made me actually feel better, its not in my head I do have an issue here. Anyway the best advice I can give you is "BE PRESENT in the moment" try not to think further than what is going on RIGHT now. Workout, watch what you eat, take your vitamins (include fish oil--I have found this also helps to raise my mood). Never NOT do something b/c of your disorder.
  9. sail81

    In need of advice

    Promise me you will not let that stop you! I graduated with a Psych degree and a GPA of 2.6, there are schools out there that will ONLY look at your pre-req courses for entry, so as long as those are good you'd be ok....don't sell yourself short, a lot of "smart" Advisors are willing to work with you. You would most likely have no problem getting into an Accelerated BSN program however getting into a Direct Entry Masters program maybe a tad harder but it is definately doable. I e-mailed all the direct entry Masters programs in the country and some Advisors were very willing to consider me for the program. I hate the GPA requirements!! Some of us have very real reasons for having a low GPA. Good Luck!