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  1. rmasndlovu

    UW Oshkosh Accelerated Program??

    Would any of you know what score you need on the TEAS test?
  2. rmasndlovu

    What are my options

    Hi guys I just moved to Canada from the US. I have a BA in Communications and I took Nursing Pre-reqs last year. My question is, I would like to apply into the compressed program either at Mac or Western Ontario but I keep on seeing that all courses have to be from a University. My pre-reqs and part of my Bachelors are from College, so this is where my question comes in, if WES evaluates my transcripts is it to see if they are compatible with University courses in Canada? or should I just start all over again with the pre-reqs? Thank yo so much for your help and any advice is welcome:)
  3. rmasndlovu

    Sisseton Wahpeton College

    oh thank you for answering that for me. So it is not accredited?
  4. rmasndlovu

    Rutgers ABSN - GPA Requirements

    @chiasmus100 so did you apply to Rutgers or no? and what information do you have on UMDNJ?
  5. rmasndlovu

    Sisseton Wahpeton College

    Hi Does anyone know any information about this school in South Dakota? Any information is greatly appreciated. My friend told me about it and really wanted to know any information. When I call the school it says the user has no contrract with Magic Jack(I am calling with a magic jack) phone. thanks