Will you volunteer at a primary care clinic just to get the experience?


I graduated in May 2017, and have my FNP license. I live in the Houston area, and have been looking for a job since then without luck. Every job that I have seen require at least one year experience as FNP. However, one of the physicians at a primary care clinic I did my clinicals is willing to provide mentorship as long as I want since he does not have a need for a FNP. This will be an unpaid mentorship experience, but open to teach and guide me as necessary. Please, I will appreciate your input, advice, and suggestions regarding this. While I am still looking for a job, is it worth giving a try? THANKS in anticipation of your input.


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Hell no don't work for free! There are so many jobs out there if you will look outside of your metropolitan area. Go look at a FQHCC. They are dying for new graduates who will work there. You may have to move for your first job. It's not the end of the world to relocate for a year or two. You worked too hard for your degree. Don't let anybody take advantage of you.

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IMO, it doesn't sound like this physician is trying to take advantage of you. He says he doesn't have a need for an FNP. Sounds like an extension of a clinical experience. I'm not saying do it 40 hrs a week but if he is willing to mentor you and show you the ropes, take it while you search for something else of course. I don't think it will hurt. Get all the knowledge you can get. Be a sponge. You can even put that experience on your CV. May actually work out in your favor. Just my 2 cents. But of course, keep on searching. Check out the NHSC job board at Home - NHSC. It's Houston, you'll find something :happy:


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Thanks a lot LadyT618. That is exactly what most people that I talked to suggest. In fact, one of my academic instructors told me that is exactly how she started as a new grad FNP. Most healthcare professionals that I have talked to, advised me to do it 2-3 days a week (4 hrs daily) and put it on my resume as experience. Thanks.

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I have known many to do this. In fact, my first clinical rotation was in a free health clinic that was staffed by both MDs and NPs, some of which were trying to get experience.

Never work for free. Move if you must to gain entry into the profession but never work for free


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Big NO! Find a job not in a metro area like Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or Dallas. Harder to find jobs their as new grad. Relocate to rural areas or even out of state such as New Mexico where they are looking. You are now a licensed professional so if you volunteer you are ultimately responsible for malpractice and can be sued. So... I suggest if you volunteer you at least get yourself your own which can be expensive since an employer should be paying for that.