Will leaving my stethoscope in a hot car cause irreversible damage?


I brought my stethoscope with me today, but it turned out that we would be practicing with stethoscopes that our school provided. Without thinking, I left it in my car... It was pretty hot today, and I'm not sure if it looks the same! :cautious:

I'm already nervous about my first year of nursing school; I hope I didn't ruin a nice piece of equipment. :(

Thank you.


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I don't think it would damage the mechanics of it but it could effect the tubing. As it cools it may stay in the shape it was left in.

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One occurrence prob won't do much damage but I wouldn't make a habit out of it


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It *could* damage the tubing, but one occurrence would likely not cause a major issue. Just think, these things get shipped in large, not air conditioned, trucks. They can withstand some bit of heat. And if you did end ruining the tubing, manufacturers usually sell the tubing for their scopes in case people damage theirs or want a new color.

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I carry my stethoscope, several pens, markers, gum, highlighters, chap stick, etc in a gym bag which I keep in my car. I haven't noticed any damage as of yet... been doing this for several years. My stethoscope is about ten years old and it works great!

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I've had the same Littmann for the past 10 years. I had another one before that for five years and replaced it because I left it at a facility that I worked an agency shift at and it didn't turn up later. I live in Florida. I have left my stethoscope in my car for DAYS/WEEKS at a time when I haven't had to work and I park in an uncovered parking lot. I open my car door sometimes and steam comes out during the summer. I don't think I could damage the thing if I tried.


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I've had the same stethoscope for 11 years and I always leave it in my car. The tubing has faded some and that's it. It kind of has an ombre look to it now, lol.