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  1. Words You Hate

    I hate the word "sludge." Makes me want to vomit. And I hate when co-workers or patients pronounce PHENERGAN as "PHENERGREN." Annoys the hell out of me for some reason.
  2. Confesson--from a stalker

    I have to agree 100% There are so many smart, witty, funny, helpful nurses on this site! I cannot even begin to name them all! Nurses are awesome!
  3. Shifts too long

    My job offers online courses that are accessible from home! The courses are mandatory and we can do them at home in our underwear...and get paid! The most I've had to stay over was approximately 1 hour for a meeting...but again, we are able to atte...
  4. Incidental sexism

    Off topic, but...Do you and I have the same husband?
  5. Least Favorite Things Patients Say

  6. Diabetes Mellitus

    I have had type 1 since age 10. I have never been hospitalized with DKA, but I know when my blood sugar is so high that I should go to the hospital (but I don't go.) I get an unquenchable thirst. And I have to urinate all the time. My breathing is...
  7. PICC line: flushes, but no blood return

    I'm glad you posted this. I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS!
  8. Would You Report Me for This?

    What's done is done. I would have pulled you aside, told you not to do this anymore, and moved on. THEN, had you ever done this ever again, THEN I would have written the incident up. That's just me. We all make mistakes. LEARNING from those mist...
  9. I want to throat-punch my co-worker

    Yes, I guess the title of this thread may be a little misleading. I could never physically assault someone. But sometimes I enjoy the fantasy.
  10. I want to throat-punch my co-worker

    OH! And another thing: I am NOT "contantly offended." In fact, I am rarely offended. I do not want to be labeled an easy target who will not fight back, therefore giving certain people a tendency to -dare I say it- BULLY me. I just cannot seem ...
  11. I want to throat-punch my co-worker

    Alright, I gather some of you think that I am the cockadoodee dirty bird in the workplace. Well we will see what happens this weekend when she and I work together again. I will update weather or not she continues to mess with me or not and what I ...
  12. Disability: genuinely curious

    You gotta know how to work the my mother-in-law.
  13. Nursing documentation help

    "Discharge instructions reviewed with patient and spouse; both verbalize understanding. Discharged at 1800 with spouse via private car, belongings sent, scripts sent, condition stable."
  14. I want to throat-punch my co-worker

    I LOVE IT!
  15. I want to throat-punch my co-worker

    Watch the movie trailer! It's like, two minutes long! And then you will want to watch the whole movie!