Will I ever be accepted?!??!!?!?!?!!!?

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I'm so frustrated! I feel like i'll never get accpeted to a nursing program. I'm so depserate and i feel like i get turned down everywhere i go because i dont have A's. My grades aren't amazing, more like average, but i just wish someone would accept me already. I've only talked to 2 schools (associate programs) and they require atleast a 3.6 and i dont have that. I'm so scared i'll never get accepted and i dont know what to do. Can anyone relate? I know no one really has anyway of knowing, but will a school ever accept me? It's worrying me, and it makes me angry because all i want is to become a nurse and move on with my life!

p.s. i'm in the ny area if anyone knows of schools that aren't so impossible to get into. I went to BMCC and they said their LOWEST gpa accepted was a 3.8 for this years program and last year!! I mean, come on.

Thanks everyone

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I can totally relate...I was in the same predicament up until about 2 months ago.

I graduated with a 2.88 undergrad GPA. I have 5 F's and on my transcript. I grade replaced 2 of those classes before graduating and got a B (statistics) and a C (college algebra). I also managed to get a D in 4 classes and have taken two of those classes over and got an A in each (Devp. Psych and Gen. Psych)

I started to look into 2nd degree BSN programs (ABSN) and the majority of them require a 3.0-3.2 minimum GPA...except for one school that accepts a 2.6 GPA as the minimum. I applied there to take a few of the pre reqs and was required to take general bio before I could even take A&P...that set me back a semester. So when my time came to apply to the ABSN program, I was ready with high hopes...then I got my big ol' rejection letter. At first I considered it a blessing in disguise but later was a bit devastated after hearing people with lower undergrad GPA's and lower science pre req GPA's were accepted...

I later decided to try a few of the community colleges in the area, I only ended up applying to two because I'm such a huge procrastinator and ended up missing the deadlines.

I went through all of the steps in the application process, and was wait listed #10 at one school, and at the other CC, I didn't score high enough on the science portion of the TEAS test so I wasn't even considered.

My "motivation" and "determination" for becoming a nurse diminished...I seriously felt like giving up but couldn't because this is what I REALLY want to do...become a NURSE. Then one day at about 1:45 in the afternoon I got a phone call from someone at the 1st community college informing me that my alternate number had come up and and they asked if I still wanted a seat in the upcoming class! Of course I said YES!

So basically, my advice to you is to apply to just about every community college within commuting distance and don't give up! If need be, maybe you could try getting your LPN like others have suggested...I was definitely looking into it before I got my call. You can always go back to school and do either a LPN-BSN or LPN-RN bridge program within a year!

BTW...I got a C in both A&P 1 and 2 and was still accepted! I know it's possible to get accepted with not so great grades and a not so competitive GPA!

Good luck!

Oh my.......

The very first thing that I would do is to think about WHY you want to be a nurse....the touching?the listening?the helping?the rescue?..you get my point. Next I would explore every and any career that would fulfill that need WHILE you wait for Nurisng school. YOU WILL BE AMAZED at the relief and comfort this decsion will bring you.

I myself wanted to "give back" but was in accounting. I kept changing jobs until I finally worked for a "meaningful" employer..I kept the books for a non profit. That wasn't quite "enough" so I started volunteering for hospice...now I was getting close! So I the became a CNA..even closer! I am now starting Nursing school in August. Each job was fulfilling becasue I had defined what it was I needed. Your route my be an EMT or a counselor or a volunteer ..........

Bottom line..DON'T sit there being sick over this..life is way too short..do something NOW!


You are absolutely right. if there is anyone that has a doubt never give up if nursing is your passsion. you will make it with detrmination. good luck to you all.

If it's possible to move to Arizona, do it. There are around 6 or 7 maricopa community college ADN nursing programs across the valley and it is NOT competitive. I was shocked when I heard this and made me feel a little worried what type of students were getting into nursing school but seeing how nursing school itself is diffcult I feel better about the process here. lol

Anywho, I found out that for the maricopa school's you pretty much just need to pass your science/math/pre-reqs with C's.... Get your fingerprint clearance card, cpr card, immunizations, and pass the hesi a2 and your automatically in. BUT... there is a 2 1/2 year waiting list right now. But hey, if you can't get in anywhere else, could be an option. Arizona's real estate market and cost of living is very low compared elsewhere around the country.


I recently was accepted to the BSN program at my university. I had a backup plan if I wasn't accepted: I would change my major to biology and finish with my BA in 2 years, based on my pre nursing prereqs. Then, I would apply to the BA to BSN fast track, which would take me another 18 months and has fewer applicants, thus increasing my chances.

And there are a million other scenarios to becoming a nurse. My mom became an LPN at age 36, received her RN when she was in her 40's, and earned her BSN right before her 60th birthday.

Just don't give up. Good luck!

I'm not sure your financial situation and how comfortable you are with taking out loans, but have you looked into private colleges?

The school I go to requires a 2.6 GPA and since it is a little more costly it is fairly uncompetitive.

The finances can be scary, but your chances are more improved of being accepted.

But even if you don't want to go to a more expensive private school if you retake some of your classes and work your butt off for an A you WILL get accepted. If nursing is your passion in life you will find a way to make it happen.

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