Will Excelsior recognize credits from nursing school?


I have completed lpn school and the first three (of four) semesters of rn nursing school from a college here in MS. Med surg 2 is the class I need. I am unable to attend that final semester but reasons I won't go into here,,Would EC give me credit for any of that? I would at least like to be able to bypass maternity, and just take my final med surg course If I could, but would any of those classes I've had transfer in, or do I have to do the whole program from scratch?

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You need to contact an admissions counselor/advisor at Excelsior to get the best answer as you are not a typical applicant having an LPN license and completed most of an RN program.


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I had the same scenario as you. I had finished 3 of 4 semesters of a ADN program at a local college (Austin Community College in ATX). Excelsior did not give any credit for the nursing classes I completed. I had to submit what was basically a detailed class syllabus/lesson plan for each class I wanted credit for, which in itself was a pain to gather. At any rate, thanks to completing so much of the ADN program, I was able to get through all of the Excelsior nursing exams relatively fast. Studying for the tests was mostly refreshing what I had already learned. I took all of the Excelsior nursing exams in 5-months and just finished the FCCA today. If they deny your credit transfers, just do your best to breeze through all of the tests! Good luck!

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I had a similar experience. Dropped out of semester 4 of a 4 semester ADN nursing program at a community college. If you can provide a detailed syllabus Excelsior will go over it subject by subject and tell you what you have left to take. The only four courses I had left to take after this review were Transitions, Foundations, and Lifespan 2 & 3. I took the exams for Transitions and Foundations and then did the courses for Lifespan 2 & 3.


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you will likely get credit for sciences and gen eds, if you have taken the sciences within (I think) is 5 years. I received credit for all of mine, just not for any RN classes I had already taken. Not even Transitions. Mine was a credit less than what Excelsior required. so you are probably further along than you think. Get your transcripts in and they will let you know, it doesn't take them that long to review your credits. good luck:nurse:


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Weeks away from graduating from my program, EC still made me take all of the exams as I recall.