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Good day to everyone. Im on my last year in college and Im planning to enroll at Kaplan this November. Im planning to review for nclex and finish my last semester at the same time because honestly Im running out of time. I live here in the Philippines but Im going to take NCLEX at CA. So basically Kaplan has a 3month program and I have to finish the required labs and test. Ive been reading this forum and it makes me even more nervous. After graduation Im planning to do self study until I get my eligibility letter from caBON. (That would take like 3months) I know it would be hard doing the same thing at once but I have no choice. I need to do this.

My questions are:

what other books or program can you advice me to buy/have besides Kaplan?

I need a moral booster :heartbeat:crying2:

This past few months I've been reviewing all my old books, Funda, MS, Ana etc..

Im really really scared..

Also I got a friend who just graduated last June at CA, he also enrolled at Kaplan and took NCLEX after but he failed. He told me, none of the things he learned at the program appeared in his exams. And now his doing self ready. It just made me more nervous! But everyone's different right? Oh great...I need to study really really hard :crying2:

You will do fine. Just replace nervousness with hard work.

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