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  1. AlexaGrey

    arrowhead regional eligible number

    You'll see the very bottom what that score means. Look on the email. They score you from 1-6, 1 is the highest, 6 is the lowest. They will prioritize the highest range first in consideration for your choice of department. It means you are eligible but is on the 5th range of priority.
  2. AlexaGrey

    Operating Room RN

    I applied on a teaching hospital the day after I got my RN license and totally forgot bout it after not hearing from then after 2 weeks. Fast forward a month and a half later, I got a call from then asking for an interview as a new grad RN in their OR department. I was shocked as I don't remember applying for the OR, then I remembered at the end of the application they had me pick the certain areas I was interested at and clicked OR as my last. I'm meeting up with the managers and some of their staff tomorrow. And yes, you can apply and get a job in the OR even without experience, keep looking on online posts! I went to each of the hospital's website and applied for positions no matter what the requirements are.
  3. AlexaGrey

    Second interview

    2nd interviews are usually situational questions. They will give scenario and you have to say what interventions you will do from the beginning up to the end. I usually get a panel interviewee or at least 2 person asking set of questions. Be prepared as it typically last at least 30 mins. Good luck!
  4. AlexaGrey

    UWORLD 2018

    Hello! I just want to put an update, I took the exam last week and passed the nclex RN. Keep doing UWORLD and try to finish it. I studied for 4weeks, the first 2weeks I read Saunders and La Charity, 2nd to the last week I just kept doing questions from uworld and read each rationale. Good luck to everyone that's testing!
  5. AlexaGrey

    I heard they were making the NCLEX harder in January 2019

    I was one of the "lucky" ones that they chosed to try the new format, and I'm so relieved I don't have to take the NCLEX next year. :)
  6. AlexaGrey


  7. AlexaGrey

    NCLEX JUNE 2018

    So I woke up at midnight, it hasn't been 48hrs yet but they already posted my license at Breeze CA's website. I PASSED!!!! To God be the glory! PVT trick works!
  8. AlexaGrey

    PASSED nclex on 7th try!

    very inspiring congratulations!
  9. AlexaGrey

    NCLEX JUNE 2018

    Hello! I took the exam today and got the good pop up. Uworld is harder than the actual nclex in my opinion. It really did prepare me a lot for the exam. I also suggest you read La Charity's prioritization and delagation. My exam ended at 77 questions with the last question as SATA. I got mostly SATA and prioritization and ECG's.
  10. AlexaGrey

    NCLEX JUNE 2018

    Congratulations to all of you! I'm sure you all did great! I'm taking the exam today in the afternoon. I know they say we should all just rest a day before the exam, but my anxiety is killing me so I purchased Nclex mastery simulation exam and got 92% on pretest and 87% on post test just to help me calm my nerves. I don't think I have the courage to do the PVT trick, it will just give me a panic attack lol. Good luck to everyone that's testing this week or in the next few weeks.
  11. AlexaGrey

    NCLEX and Test Anxiety Accommodations

    hello! this is what i found Test accommodations :: Pearson VUE hope it helps!
  12. AlexaGrey

    You can pass the nclex!

    Thank you for this wonderful and encouraging post! Im testing next week and I'm very anxious right now, reading your post helps with my nerves. Congratulations on passing!
  13. AlexaGrey

    Restudying for the NCLEX

    I went over Saunders comprehensive review for nclex rn and read every chapter, I know it may seem overwhelming but it really did help me a lot. The book came with qbank online. I know there are some refresher courses that you can take, Hurst review goes back with content, check them out.
  14. AlexaGrey

    UWORLD 2018

    Im in the same situation. I work as an LVN too and studied at work too. I took time off cause it was really hard to focus studying, working and taking care of kids all at the same time. I just finished Uworld and going over all the questions and rationales again. I suggest you go by system, its easier to retain and remember the topics that way. The first few weeks I only do 20questions in each set, then i moved up to 30, 35 then 75. I try to finish 150 questions/day. Also if you can, try to read and answer the questions in La Charity Prioritization and delegation. I'm taking the test next week. Good luck to us!
  15. AlexaGrey

    NCLEX-RN California May 2018

    I passed my application March 23 and received my ATT 1st week of May, I live in California.