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Why can't years of nursing experience count as credits towards a MSN

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I taught in a LPN class with just a BSN but now almost every teaching postion requires a MSN or DR. I want to get my MSN so I can teach students when I retire from my present job. But I don't want to spend 2 -3 years and lots of $$$ to get my MSN as I am 61 years old. IT would take me years to pay off the student loans and I would never be able to retire. Does anyone know of an accredited school that gives you credits for experience, is less than a 2 year program that will give me that teaching degree I need to teach at an LPN or 2 yr. degree program? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Have you looked into WGU? They might be what you are looking for. .. Just a suggestion and good luck! Jo

Not at an accredited school. Accreditation bodies will not allow schools to award academic credit simply for "life or work experience." The main reason being that there is no way to evaluate the rigor of such experience. Not saying this applies to you but one could have years of experience as an instructor but have been a very poor one or lacks understanding of the basis for teaching (e.g. - principles of adult learners, curriculum development, and assessment methods). A very few institutions might consider allowing you to not have to take a required course if you had a professional portfolio that demonstrated competency in the area but you wouldn't get credit and would still have to complete the degree requirements. Long story short, there is no legitimate way to earn a degree without doing the work required.

I understand where you are coming from, but its the accreditation that has its requirement. Look into loan forgiveness for nurses who pursue a higer education for teaching.

pro-student, do you mean that western governors u is not accredited? im pretty sure it is....i considered it when looking for an msn education program. the school is relatively inexpensive if you want to work through your program quickly (you can take as many hours as you want in a semester for one fee). Their pass/fail concept appealed to me! No a/b/c/d/f grading scale.

I chose grand canyon u because i want to do a phD and the pass/fail affords a "b" 3.0 gpa at best. i'm happy with the online program so far. I agree with the idea bunnybunny had about looking into loan forgiveness!! this is the route i am going to take :)

good luck to you!

Look for a school that has Nurse Faculty Loan Program funding. The NFLP is a government-sponsored (HRSA) loan program to develop future nursing educators. With the NFLP you can borrow the cost of tuition and fees for a graduate nursing degree. The loan would be cancelled up to 85% for four years of full-time teaching at an accredited nursing program in the US or territories.