Why do you love being a nurse?

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I hear you loud and clear,but do not stop venting because you will get all sorts of aches and pains from holding it in.

As the song goes there was a time for a moment when things were fine in Camelot.Sadly the press ganey and h caps and cms have destroyed the spirit and heart of the nursing profession.The lies by academia that all you need is one more degree,one more certification and you will be respected and valued as any professional deserves to be.You go into serious debt in pursuit of the unicorn.All that is left is fighting back and pushing back when they push you.Calling in when they refuse your humble requests to attend a family funeral,take care of your own sick child....take their evaluations and stick em where the sun don't shine.


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What I love about being a nurse... Yes sometimes it feels like we save someone's life only for them to scream obscenities at us while throwing a pitcher of cranberry juice at the doctor but other times we get to make a real difference in the lives of some wonderful people facing hard times. Sometimes humor helps me as well... what can I do but laugh when I go do my first rounds and the patient greets me with "Good morning motherf***er!" At least he said good morning? Also some patients that are automatically negatively stereotyped are actually very appreciative when they are treated in a kind and nonjudgmental manner... once I got a $50 starbucks card from a big time local drug dealer... LOL. That said bedside care is not for everyone and as stated above luckily there are many other options in nursing! I hope you can find something you enjoy.



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I think a huge part about being a nurse is being a caring, compassionate health care provider to those who don't even value nurses or don't appreciate them. Nursing in my eyes is a selfless profession and I think that's why so many people (in my opinion) respect nurses. Just take pride in your work and that you're strong enough to help others when they could care less about you. It shows way more about you than someone who's ungrateful.

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If worst comes to worst there are always jobs out there that are FAR from a bedside job especially if you have bedside experience. Just for one example there are several companies in my medium sized city that have are group homes, each have about 3-6 permanent residents. These are like people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Most have 24 hour cna staff. Most also have either 8 hour nursing or 12 hour nursing. The job is about the least stressful nursing job can possibly imagine.

Most days you just hang out with the residents and watch tv or play games with them, take them to movies and baseball games, take them to holiday parties. Sometimes you have to help a cna assist with toileting them but not typically. You mostly just do your assessments and chart, rarely if ever help with passing medications, and monitor the residents for changes in health. Most of these residents are very stable. This is just one example of the many jobs out there that people may not think of right off if you are looking for something less stressful. I can honestly say I really do enjoy my job, you get to know them very well and can have amazing interactions. Also typically they are extremely grateful for you, they count on you to help them live their best life and they are generally appreciative of even the smallest things.

Can you pm the name of the company? I've been interested in working for a group home.



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I do love my job. I work in pediatrics in a large children's hospital and I am lucky that we are staffed differently from the adult world. I have seen the vents about staffing ratios from those of you on adult med surg floors and I just can't imagine. We were actually short last week and I had to take 5 kiddos, and that felt like a LOT for me. :D We average between 3 and 4.

I love taking care of my kiddos on my floor. We host several specialties, and I love each one of them. I love watching a broken child come in and being knit back together over a few weeks of intense ortho surgeries. I love watching our chronic kids grow up and learn to take care of their own health. I love standing a new spinal fusion kiddo in front of the mirror so they can see how tall they are now. ;) I love it when I get a hug from a 4 year old who tells me I'm the best for taking such good care of them.

But you know, even loving my job the way I do - there are still days where I come home and I'm like... why do I put myself through this? I don't make a lot of money, it's exhausting work, and there are days where my care meter is so low that I take it out on my own family. For every "Thank you" I get, there is another screaming parent who takes out their fear on me. For every hug I get, there are three people telling me I'm not doing enough.

So I get it.

I think there will be a time where I am just done and ready to hang up my stethoscope. It's tiring work; Physically, mentally, and emotionally.



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Oh, the struggle is real isn't it? I've always told myself that I work to live, I don't live to work. With that guiding principle I've come to the conclusion that yes, nursing can be the hardest thing EVER at times, but you know what? I'm home more days a week than I am at work, my salary is twice the average household income in my region, and occasionally I get to make a genuine connection with someone that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life, (also the fact that we get to wear pajamas to work everyday, yay!).