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there has been so much upset with this place. ive hear classmates talk about taking this unfair, unjustified place to court.

expensive. duh. private schools are definitely expensive. it just isnt worth it when a place like this wants your money and will juice you for every penny you have.

unfair. they seem so cool about everything. youre taken in by the fancy suits and the nice buildings. where does all your money go? its out to lure other students to buy into this scheme. even in their newly revised 2010 student handbook it doesn't say anywhere in there that you must take a HESI after every nursing term.

where do i start about all the trouble this has placed upon so many students. ill try to start from the beginning.. it isnt until the end of your prerequisites where you pretty much find out on your own that you must pass the HESI after every nursing class. this HESI is your final. for those of you already enrolled. how many of you have been told this? im sure you havent. it doesnt even say in your handbook.

also, you must pass with a certain score. even if you have a 100 percent in your nursing class but you do NOT pass this hesi, you may not move on to your next nursing course. you fail the class. there is a retake, which is much more difficult than the first.

keep in mind that HESI is used mainly as a tool for professors to improve on their students weaknesses. if it must be used in a students final class grade, it is a small percentage unlike at this place where it counts as 30 percent of your grade. and in order to even keep your class grade up, you must do above average on your HESI which students have much difficulty doing. HESI is also used for graduating students nurses as an exit exam. the HESI they use for our final is just as difficult. these exams are meant to fail you. this has proven true in many of our students.

the teachers (the few good ones) have no idea whats going to be on the HESI, they just follow the syllabus and try to prepare us as best as possible. even these teachers who care are very upset about the horrible turnout of having to take this exam.

you are only allowed to retake the same nursing course once, and if you do not pass the second time you are dismissed from the program. just like that. it is very easy to get in. much much easier to get out.

this program is new, is unorganized and is messing up by the minute.

the school is not allowed to review or study for the HESI, because HESI may sue the school.

having taken my first nursing courses and the HESI for my final i speak for many students when i say the syllabus was IRRELEVANT to more than 80% of the questions on the HESI final. we focus, learn and study the course material on the syllabus, but when it comes to taking the final.. none of what youve learned will have been on the HESI. the majority of it is NEW. not only that, but the material asked is material you will not learn until later.

they give you ATI supplemental books to help prepare for the hesi but ATI and HESI are two different things. their questions and rationales are totally different, so when you study both they confuse you anyhow.

they make us sign this contract in the beginning of our nursing courses following these certain guidelines. they gave certain students a "pass" for this quarter, but had they followed the contract like they normally would have, only about 3-4 students would have moved on to the next quarters nursing class.

even with those certain students they gave a chance to, more than half the class has to retake their first nursing course.

they have scheduled nine to ten students in four different nursing sites, but now there are only three to four students in each site. this diminishes rapport and poses a bad impression on this school.

out of all those that have passed the HESI, i've only heard them say they were lucky. even those who passed were PISSED OFF at how ridiculous that exam was. it was no joke when our teacher in one of our prerequisites stated that this exam is meant to fail students.

this schools program is much new, and they are figuring things out as they go along. some of their staff don't make you feel any better about their mess ups. we have to accomodate to their "as we go" changes, but they will not accomodate to you. they tell you certain things, but other staff members tell you differently. they are unstable with their rules and up to a certain point you cant even believe what they say anymore. being one of the first classes in this program, not many people have caught on to this yet.. but they will.

on top of that, some of our teachers dont teach us ANYTHING. the dean makes it a point to where it is our responsibility to learn whats on the syllabus regardless of what our teacher does and does not do for us.

and more than half the class is held back because of our teachers carelessness and lack of communication and effort.

again, there goes ten thousand dollars down the drain that you could have saved for yourself.

nursing schools are tough, and at this point not only do they make it hard, they do make it impossible. if you were in our shoes, you would not only think that their policies were RIDICULOUS, but their policies are to make money from you.

the school will never ever bring up how unjustified they are using the HESI to that advantage, and using the HESI to remove great students who will be great nurses.

yeah their pass rate is high (this is for the LVN-RN) when you graduate but thats after how many people have already been kicked out.

us generic BSN students are struggling to keep up with what they put us through. not only do people want to take this school to court, but dont we have the right to know about our pass/fail final at the end of the nursing course?

trust me, if you talk to anyone in my class. they would not only recommend this school, but they would go off on a lot of the same points that i mentioned and theyd keep going too. this isnt even all of it. theres just so much wrong with this school that you start to see it having been this far along in the program. if you have any questions, please feel free.

no wonder they enroll every two months, because comes around graduation time.. only a certain amount of people will be graduating. on top of that you have to take eight exit exam HESIs before you graduate.

Just so you know this isn't uncommon. At our school, we had a similar condition except that we used the ATI, not the HESI. And yes, if we didn't pass we were disenrolled... kicked out, without any chance at re-entry or continuation.[/quote']

We need a minimum HESI score regardless of our average as well HOWEVER- this policy is made well known to us up front and is in our handbook. I find it really problematic that OP's school didn't.

I totally agreed with this post. The instructors are rude not all but most of them. They make you feel stupid when you have a question. They put you down, also some instructors tell you one thing and then another tells you another thing. So you never get a straight answer. You have to go and search for your own answer. They change the days on you with short notice. They make you panicked about the hesi's you take. Also like the post said really good students have fail and have to repeat the whole class because they fail hesi why? because they panicked and trust me it's not cheap to repeat. If you are able go to another school, I highly recommended going to another school. Also very important they never tell you when there getting you exited about enrolling in the school that you have to take a hesi to exit every nursing course.:down:

For me the HESI test after every nursing course is as much of a turn-off as the $132,000 price tag!

For me the HESI test after every nursing course is as much of a turn-off as the $132,000 price tag!

A BSN at WCU cost $132,000??? It that just tuition or does it include books, room and board factored in and etc?

It is tuition and required books and some supplies. There is no room and board. That is up to you. Hope that helps.

132K for a BSN seems pretty pricey for even private school tuition. The local private school here that I'll be attending this fall has an accelerated BSN program that is around 65-70K for tuition which is already considered very pricey.

I don't know where you are but maybe it's like this because it's in California. Most of the private schools in So. Cal. are pretty expensive, like over $100,000 for a bachelors, 4 year program.

I do not recommend west coast university to anyone.......

I'm not sure what's the point of going to school to pay thousands of dollars and not being taught anything... When asked for help all they say is that its in the book. If they really want us to succeed they would truly help us.. I would totally understand if it was a public school. BUT WE ARE PAYING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND BEING TAUGHT NOTHING.!! And on top of that when we asked to see our exams to review what we got wrong they said no because of a cheating scandal going around. I think thats a issue they need to deal with...

I am also the first batch of BSN student. And I can tell you that 100% of the students in my class is not satisfied by the program. IT IS VERY unorganized.

To LADYNURSE....How was the hesi?? I will be taking it in 3 weeks. I'm so nervous right now..I'm not sure how to prepare since you said 80% of the content you covered in class is not even in the book. Thanks....

i know i talk to a lot OF PEOPLE IN THIS PROGRAM AND IT IS NO GOOD! for those considering it how about talking to the students actually in the nursing program.. thats what i did and none of them recommend this school..... "its a lot of money and its a money eating school.. i feel bad for students who actually think they will have a better future.. not after coming here.. the hesi will mess you up even if you are doing well..... the only thing people care about this school is your money not your success" so i've been told by so many of the students

I went to West Coast years ago. I never got to finish because it was so expensive. I couldn't get a loan. I got half way through the program and had to drop out for over a year! I figured out another way, but only got enough funds to cover a semester. I dropped out and went back a few times. I was only 2 semesters short of graduation when I finally lost hope and gave up. I dropped out for good. I'm $130K in debt for a degree I couldn't finish and a job I can't do. They are criminal! I would NOT go to this school. All they cared about was getting their money, not the success of their students. RUN, do not walk, away from this school!!!

Hi! Sorry you've been going through that. I am going into my sophomore year at west coast and they've been pretty good. The student handbook says we might have an exit exam. We don't have exit exams after each term like some schools do. We do ATI, not Hesi. So far the professors have been very knowledgable and very willing to help the students. I heard tuition is over $100k in California but everything is high in California. They lowered the tuition here in Florida. It's the same as Barry university and less than university of Miami. Everything has been good. We all got our Oxford invites. And I've learned more here than I learned at the other school I was at. So far so good. It still is expensive but doable. It's easy to complain about a nursing school. But try going to a different nursing school. It's the same or worse. Nursing is just hard period. You have to respect the schools that demand a little more because as nurses we will have lives in our hands. No one wants the bad nurse who doesn't know anything. Do I complain. Of course. Who doesn't. But it's a general complaint. The school has been good to me and I love my professors.

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