Why did you become a nurse?

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I love being a nurse and going to my job everyday. The reasons I became a nurse were because I love to help people and see how gradually I have helped improve their health and because there is a shortage of nurses so the pay is good for a job I love. What was your reason you became a nurse?

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Seemed like a natural progression for myself. After 5 yrs as a Corpsman with the Fleet Marines. I got out to go to school for nursing and I was welcomed into it with open arms. Now I am set to go back to the Navy as a nurse and as an officer and a gentlewoman. I love nursing stateside and as a civilian. But the navy role is calling out to me.

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Initially I wanted to be a vet, and I thought nursing would be an easy course, and a stable job that I could keep doing while studying for vet.

Hah! As it turned out, I loved the work, I loved the course, and I loved the science. Nursing has been good to me, and I still love it.

Never did become a vet.. thank goodness.


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I became a nurse because I like to interact with people,I like learning new things everyday and stay busy.I'm a geek for the new chalenges,no matter how corny it sounds.I never had a calling but I dont regret becoming a nurse.

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I can not stand by and do nothing when someone is hurt or sick, so I might as well get paid for it. I guess, I would say, I have a drive to fix people or ease their suffering.

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Honestly I wanted to be a Dr. My dad wanted to be a doctor but b/c he came to this country he couldn't do it. So I wanted to do it. But due to my graduating high school at a young age (16), at the time I felt like I wasn't really to move out to go to a college with a pre-med program. I didn't want to leave home. Nursing was the last last last thing on my mind. I felt that if I became a nurse I would be giving up on my dream and my fathers' dream.

Well 2 years after I started college I HAD to do something so I signed up for nursing school and I love it. Its still my dream of helping people and I actually can stay that on the good days I love it. ( I get bad days sometimes too :D)


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I also had a life-long dream of being a doctor; specifically a heart surgeon and had the crazy thought I'd become a nurse and work my way through med school( I now shake my head recalling such foolish plans but then I was very young.) My grades were always Bs and Cs though; that coupled with the financial strain of such an endeavor quickly made me realize it wasn't in the cards for me. I stayed with nursing to make a difference, help others and the pay is GREAT as far as I'm concerned. I've enjoyed nursing for the most part but am ready to retire in 7 years when my hubby does.

I became a nurse because I wanted a job that keeps things interesting. Also, I believe this is what God wants me to do. I don't dread going to work. And I leave feeling fulfilled. Yeah, I have bad days (what career doesn't). However, the good days are really good and more than make up for the bad. :redbeathe

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