Why did you become a Nurse Practitioner?


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Considering that some of the top NP programs in the country have accelerated BSN+MSN programs where the students don't work a single day as an RN, and yet continue to be as good as if not better than experienced nurses, I think it's a load of BS that you need any time as a bedside RN to do well in an NP program. They're completely different careers.

I think that time as a RN can be really helpful, but I also think that the amount of time is very dependent on the individual and their "particularities". I do think there are some who could jump in and do well. I personally wanted at least one year, knowing me. However, I also heard from many practicing NPs in my area that they recommend 5 years of experience prior to NP school too. I wonder what it is about that 5 years????

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I would not say they are "completely" different careers. They are different roles but you are a nurse as an NP. I think that working as a nurse for several years gives quality to the NP and well roundedness.


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almost three times the pay, no supervisors to deal with, and not wiping butts. I work harder though overall.


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Thankyou for this post! I am starting nursing school in November and still deciding if I want to become a NP after I graduate. All this information from the replies have been very helpful for me. Thankyou again.