whos gonna do NCLEX-RN on september?

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Hi guys, im new here and found this forum very helpful.

I just want to know who will be taking there exam on september, preparation you're doing? hope you dont mind to share your study plan here, I already read a lot of topics about this.

I need somebody to be on the road as I am right now.

If possible we could study together

Il be taking mine on september 21. (so anxious)

Please help me God!

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Hi. I am studying with Kaplan. I will take the exam in September around the 20th. I am reviewing reduction of risk potential this week. What about you?

Hi. I am studying with Kaplan. I will take the exam in September around the 20th. I am reviewing reduction of risk potential this week. What about you?

Hi I'm studying LaChairity and starting Hurst review soon.I will take my Exam in September around 26.Good Luck to both of you.

hi there guys,

@elisarb: thank you for adding me, do u have skype? what chapter or topics have u finished already? whats your study plan, looking forward to share ideas together and cheer for each other..

@S384: thank you and GOod luck too! God Bless

Hi everyone, I'm taking mines on sept 8 for my second attempt and hopefully pass this time. I've been doing Kaplan and different resources for my q and a nclex exams. Every time I do questions I read all the rationales either correct or not. I believe it helped me to improved my scored this time rather then the first time I did the quizzes and ended up not reading all the rationales. Instead, just read the wrong ones. Anyway, good luck everyone!

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I am following KAPLAN program. I have read the RN course book but pharma and I have done 4 of 7 QTrainers and some QBanks (58.45% average). I have taken the Saunders assessment test yesterday with a score of 75% but I do not know if this test is reliable.

I am going to start Pharmacology. I am watching the online content review now.

So my plan till September the 24th is:

Am: Reviewing the content from the beginning.

PM: Study Pharmacology.

100 Qbanks a day

I will try to finish the review this month or early September.Thus in September I can focus the study on weak areas.

What about you?

Hey all!! I will be taking my NCLEX RN for the second time on September 11. I used Kaplan the first time but it didn't help me since it vaguely reviews content info. I am using Saunders Comprehensive Review and LaCharity and reading 3-4 chapters a day. I am not focusing on questions right now since I am comfortable with them I just need a brush up on content material. Hope this helps. Blessings.

thanks for sharing your study plan guys.

i am using saunders comprehensive review every chapter and try to answer 100 question a day each topic in the cd

i am also using lacharity and i am reading or answering it after i finished each topic in saunders. additionally i am answering lippincott question and answer, 10th edition? i dont know if this could help and its kind of overwhelming sometimes..

i am working also at the same time from monday to wednesday so basically i only have 4 days to study in a week.

i just have very limited amount of time and for this week i am still in chapter 66 neurological system in saunders.

before i began to study stuff, i did the assessment on saunders and it gives me (68% total for readiness).

@elisarb: my goal also is to finish all topics this month, and focus of more questions and weakness next month, every chapter im doing at saunders i am jotting it down the things that unfamiliar or more or less things i usually forgot. by the way where did you get the link with your pharma study? wouldnt you mind to share it here?

@ellisjc0507: good luck! :) thank you for the info

@jayz1989: thank you: and good luck!

we can do this guys! have faith :nurse:

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Hi. On KAPLAN, they have online reviews, where they basically explain what is in the book.

Good luck to you all.

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