Who has taken time off after 1st semester?

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I am curious to see if anyone has been in the same place that I am right now. I am considering taking time to finish my gen eds/co reqs, and to get some working clinical experience (nursing assistant). I would reapply to come back for the 2nd semester next year.

Here is the deal. In my current situation I need to stay full time in order to keep all my financial aid and scholarships. However, the schedule that I would need to keep in order to stay full time is going to be tough. This semester it would require that I be at school 6 days a week. In addition, I haven't worked in about a year and a half. I have a wife, two little ones, and a disabled mother inlaw at home. I am feeling really nervous. As of right now my family is very supportive of me being in school. However, I can not afford to be out of work for 3 years, and that not be able to find a job afterwards. I see some people posting that as a new grad that haven't found work in 6 mos, 1yr 2 yr, and then you are no longer marketable. I hear from everyone, including friends in the field how "tough" the job market is right now. I feel like I need to get my foot in the door.

On the other side of the coin it will be a hard sell for my family. Every time I talk to my family or a fellow student about this they think that I am crazy. They see that I am getting good grades (All A's and one B so far), and they do not want to see me waste a year. Plus, I think that they feel that if I take a year off that I will not go back.

Well, the end goal is to finish and land a job right? I just want to position myself in the best way possible, and to provide for my family. Anyone in the same place? Any thoughts? Thanks...

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I think a lot of people that take a semester off don't ever go back.

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What if they decide not to re-admit you? You worked hard for your spot, I would not be giving it up willingly. You can get a aide or extern position over the summer.


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I agree with the last two posters - how do you know you'd be allowed to take a semester off then pick up where you left off? I can sympathize with you though...in my school, it's more likely that you won't be selected into the program until your pre/pro - reqs are done. And I have my hands full with just the nursing theory classes (but I also work fulltime in a non healthcare environment and have a wife and daughter to consider)...

In our school, they would consider you for reentering the program 2 x subsequently if you fail or if some urgent life situation forces you to drop in the middle of the semester. I've been told by students who repeated that they knew they were going to fail fairly early in the semester but was persuaded by student advisors to stick it out and accept the fail so they can keep a foot in the door. But that more or less falls under 'hearsay' since I didn't pry to find out the complete story.


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I don't see how you will get back in to block II as those passing block I get first crack at it. Say 3 people fail block I then those that failed in block II will go in those spots prior to you who decided to take a year off. So 5 people fail in block II. 2 people fail in block I. Two of those five people get to repeat block II while 3 are still waiting. Next go around- 6 people fail block two and 2 people fail block I. Two from the first group get to repeat block II while 1 is still left hanging now out two semesters (1 year) while the new 6 people group are waiting. Where will you fit in? Planning is all part of the game and those that didn't complete pre-reqs (to get into the spot quicker) will definitely have a tougher time as they go through the blocks in my opinion than those of us who took longer to get in, but completed the prereqs. Good luck in your choice.


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you need to talk with your schools advisor NOW before you make your decision to see if you will even be able to come back after a year..however your idea doesnt sound good. why can you just work during the summer/winter breaks? and maybe 4-8 hrs a week during the school year, if that, considering your class load?


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You can work as a CNA while you are in school. I did and so do many others. I would not leave the program. You may not be able to return. A coworker left to have her baby and was promised a seat when she was ready to come back. When she returned to the school, they told her there was no seat for her. I would not want to take that chance if I were you.

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Can you talk with your nursing advisors? Talk with them first and tell then of your situation and what they recommend. If they do allow you to return, get that in writing, just in case they decide to change their minds.


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thanks all! ; ) Happy New Year!!!:):):)


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I agree with previous posts and definitely check with your school guidelines on not finishing things out. My program if you leave before completion of the first year (2 semesters) you cannot re-enter the program where you left off. In fact after one year, if you think you need to take time off, it is recommended that you take the LPN class so that you can re-enter the second year (only if seats are available) as an LPN to RN finishing off the second year. It's tough getting into a program to begin with! And yes it is possible to work while going to school to gain experience.

Lot of luck with your decision.