Who is resigning from a f/t job before the fall progrm starts?

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I am resigning in August from a dull corporate job. I am going to work p/t at a hospital.

I am so tempted to give them my resignation TODAY so I can gloat but that wouldn't be Christian-like behavior, now would it?:D


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I am getting ready to put my resignation in. I want to quit in June so I can have some time with my children before classes start.

I really want to quit, but I am also a bit nervous about it. My job is very dull as well, but I still have my doubts some days.


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Bucky, what are you tempted to gloat about?

Heather A.

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I'm getting ready to turn in my notice too.

The only problem is, I have yet to find a part-time job.

hmmm........... guess I better wait until I find something p/t before I turn in my notice. I can't wait!!

***nursebucky- If you don't mind my asking, how did you manage to get on at the hospital? I've had my application in for 6 months now, and so far I've not had any luck. They keep telling me they only want people with experience in the medical field. I have signed up for a CNA class at the local nursing home, but who knows when it will begin. ughhhh. I just keep on praying that something will open up.



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***nursebucky- If you don't mind my asking, how did you manage to get on at the hospital?

I am a Phlebotomist p/t on the weekends. I sent my resume to the smallest hospital in town, and basically faxed it. I was suprised to get a response. After your CNA class, you will get more responses that you could ever know. I want a Phlebo job at a hospital closer to my school and home, but there are not many Phlebo jobs available that I know of. I check ou http://www.tenethealth.com all the time and http://www.medhunters.net. I then call the HR departments and ask them what is the best method of getting a response to my resume. Should I send it in via fax or apply in person. They always tell me to apply in person.

Bucky, what are you tempted to gloat about?

Bev...I want to gloat because I am pursuing a REAL profession (in my eyes) that has been my hearts desire since I was younger. Granted, I know I will work like a Hebrew slave and will be tired, but it is something I desire. I have worked in this field for 8 years and you basically MAKE yourself a job. You can be eliminated at any time and are never really needed. I hope I am not offending anyone but that is how I feel.



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I am really envious of you guys that are quitting soon.

I am starting clinicals this fall but am staying in my boring, dull, listless corp. job for another year because my program is part time/evening and I can continue to work in the day and do lab and clinicals on the weekends. I really hope by this time next year to leave and get a hospital job as an Aide or Care Tech.

Are you guys totally day dreaming about telling your bosses you're leaving, or how about writing up your resignation letters?

Sometimes thinking about the day that I tell them to take this job and shove it is all I need to make it til 5:00PM ;)

Everyone says that if you have to work while in nursing school it's best to have a "brain dead" job (which is what I have right now) but man, it is going to be a tough summer while I eagerly await clinicals in the fall.


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I recently quit my full time job and started working for a nursing agency. I figured this would give me more flexibility in my schedule and the extra $$ doesn't hurt either...(I'll be able to work less hours and earn the same amount of money when classes start in the fall) :cool:


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colleen, My class starts August but I dream of slapping the resignation letter on her desk so bad. I wonder how it will look if I do it too early.

I wold continue to do my job, and hope they will not pull me into boring meetings to discuss boring topics. Not to mention my hips are spreading from sitting so much!

I also will not have to laugh at their stupid jokes nor eat lunch with them again. I have friends who I email all day and talk 'nursing, healthcare, medicine, etc' with all day long. All of my friend are in PA school,Med Tech, radiology or nursing. Outside of that, we have no desire to hold a conversation with anyone who is not interested in that area.

I know understand how my hubby feels. He is a trucker and that is all he talks about and I don't mind, because it is his passion and he is happy.


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I quit my full time job a couple of months ago and have been lookin and lookin (i finally got offered a brain dead job this week) but am not going to be gaining any experience (not to mention the pay SUX!!!). I've tried all the hospitals. Even thought about going to a CNA class (but after the first semester we're qualified to sit for the test, so it's really just a waste of money to me) or even a phlebotomy class, but they take so long here. I'm tempted to just volunteer at hospital this summer AND wait tables. After the first semester you can get a position at ANY of the hospitals around here.

I shouldn't have quit so soon (but it was sssssoooooooooo nice to tell them I was GONE)! It's kinda funny how they realize exactly how much u did AFTER you leave (wish it had been the other way around).

Boopchick, how did you get on with an agency? Did you already have experience.

i shouldn't have quit my job already (banging my head against the wall!) :rolleyes:


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I just submitted my request to reduce my hours to part-time when clinicals start in the fall. My supervisor said she is sure it will be okay, but she hasn't gotten her supervisor's approval yet. So I am waiting... I work in accounting, so the job itself is kind of boring, but I enjoy the people I work with. So I really hope it works out for me to stay here thru school


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I'll have to resign my fulltime job of 10 years if/when I'm accepted for the fall semester (won't know for sure until the 1st week of August), so I am eagerly looking forward to tendering that resignation. The fact that I have absolutely no interest in the business I'm in now (financial advising/investments) helped me make the decision to return to school a year ago and finally pursue my dream of becoming a registered nurse. Most of my friends at work know of my plans, but the team of brokers I work with do not...I feel I can't give them any "notice" until I know for sure that I've been accepted. They know I'm "going to school" but they have assumed I'm going for a business degree. Won't they be surprised when I give them four weeks (barely) notice!

As for helping to make ends meet while I'm a fulltime student, I know that all the local hospitals will hire you as a PCT (Patient Care Technician) after you've completed your first semester. I've been checking their job postings for several months now just to see what opportunities are out there. It won't be anywhere near what I make now but will help pay the bills. I am SO ready for this new adventure, although I must admit that some days I do have second thoughts...but I just shake them off and keep on pursuing my goal.

Heather A.

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I couldn't help but smile as I was reading all of your posts. You all sound just like me!!!! I get so depressed at times with situations at my current job- I absolutely cannot wait to get out of there and let them know that I intend to do something with my life. I feel, just like you guys, an undescribable urge to become a nurse. I can't wait.


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