Who plans to take the H1N1 vaccine, & your children?



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I want to know who all plan to get vaccinated for the swine flu, and your children, do you plan to vaccinate your children as well? I worry about the vaccine itself, as I have heard on the news that is may be "unsafe due to being manufactured too fast."



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I will most likely get it as will my children. It is my understanding that the H1N1 vaccine is the same basic vaccine as the seasonal vaccine just with a different virus inserted and the seasonal vaccine is NOT tested every year since it is time tested and proven to be safe.

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Ditto that. I will get it and if I had kids, they would also. The risk to benefit ratio is in favor of the vaccine, IMO. Sure, for most people the virus is a mild to moderate flu, but for some previously healthy kids and adults, it KILLS. The vaccine should be no more dangerous than the regular seasonal flu vaccine, so the pendulum swings way in favor of the shot for this one.

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I usually get the seasonal flu shot, but this year I'm going to decline, and won't get the H1N1 either.

I've been having questions about vaccines in general. I'm not sure what ny ultimate feeling will be, but I'm doing a lot of research on the whole thing. There is alot that I didn't know!

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