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Who is going to ITT Tech Dec start?


I am! Just wondering how many of you on here have been accepted. I'm the one who moved from Hawaii with only half of my family, in case I met any of you :)


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I'm curious as to how your first day went! What is the schedule like? Do you think its going to be a good program???

Hi Joyfull! I actuall have my classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, so tomorrow is my first day. I will definitely update you tomorrow :)

Hi Joyfull! (and whoever else is reading!)

Sorry I didn't update sooner, I was SOOO TIRED from a long school day.

Overall, I think this is going to be a great program. The 3 classes I have right now are Strategies (covers Microsoft software and Learning Strategies), Nursing Roles I and Survey of the Sciences (touches on a lot of different sciences). Strategies won't be a problem at all, and our instructor gives us time to read and do our homework. Nursing has a lot of reading, but our instructor seems awesome. Lot's of Nursing experience (42 years I think?) and she's got a great sense of humor. Only problem is that she gets off track and forgot to talk to us about our assignment that due on Wednesday. Science has a lot of work... a paper due every week, but our instructor also seems like she's really good. I'm very happy so far with my experience, and it seems like time will fly :)


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I'm so glad its working out so far! Keep us updated as the program goes along! Did they talk to you about the locations of where you will be doing your clinicals?

Thanks! No talk of clinical locations just yet. We won't start our clinicals until 3rd quarter, so there is still some time and they are trying to find additional locations. I will keep you guys updated!

what are the requirements for ITT and do credits transfer to and from this program?

You have to pass the hesi and be one of the top 30 scores...I think they transfer to linfield and walla walla they also have an online bachelors

Ok I had heard they may not transfer so its good to know they do transfer to bachelor programs.

Shawba, I would recommend confirming this information with each of these schools directly. It would be a shame to spend so much at a for-profit school and not have your classes transfer for university credit as you expected.

I'm talking to linfield tomorrow to get info from them but you can for sure do itt tech bsn program