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  1. shawba08

    Legacy RN Versant Residency 2015 Winter

    What GPA do you need to be offered an interview? I know you have to have over a 3.2 for consideration but how close to a 4.0 would an applicant realistically need?
  2. shawba08

    Applicants to Portland/Salem Area Nursing Schools 2014

    ktj777...Please create a facebook group! I'm pretty sure one hasn't been created yet. And it's really expensive to live near campus, you should look into a place in Beaverton, Tigard or even Hillsboro. Obviously if you get a roommate that would be a plus. If you don't want to use a car for transportation then Beaverton and NW Portland are your best bet for an easier commute.
  3. shawba08

    Linfield College ABSN Summer 14 Cohort

    I'm from the Portland area! Congratulations to you can't wait to meet everyone!
  4. shawba08

    Applicants to Portland/Salem Area Nursing Schools 2014

    I haven't been accepted to nursing school yet, but I've asked the financial aid departments several questions. And to be honest a lot of students are in similar situations and make it through nursing school just fine. If you are accepted, the schools will find a way to make sure you can afford it. I do know Wells Fargo has private loans for students in a healthcare field and its fairly easy to get. Scholarships can be tough to come by as they are limited but there are programs that repay your loans if you agree to work for them for 2-3 years, this is usually for rural or urban health centers. Hope this helps, just trust that if you get in there will be a way. And remember that financial aid is supossed to cover cost of living.
  5. shawba08

    Portland Area nursing....where did you apply?

    VonE, I don't know if this is true, however, someone once told me as a nursing student you are "automatically" able to do CNA work and as you know as a CNA you may be able to work a couple of 12's a week if you have time. If I were accepted I'd work a weekend here or there to stay current at OHSU and increase my chances of a job after graduation. I can't agree more about being placed in that predicament of having to choose.
  6. shawba08

    Applicants to Portland/Salem Area Nursing Schools 2014

    I had my proctored essay on Thursday! It was nice to be able to just write and not over analyze as I would have done if it was a traditional essay response on an application. Now all we can do is wait...well I have to submit the supplemental application, it's done just need to pay!
  7. shawba08

    Portland Area nursing....where did you apply?

    VonE, absolutely! Im not applying to OHSU's ABSN but I am applying to Linfields since I actually have a chance as they look primarily at prerequisites, essays and healthcare/volunteer experience. I think the cost at OHSU seems less expensive but from what I've heard, Linfield does offer more scholarship money making the costs more comparable. I work at OHSU and would love to go here, but at the same time I can still work here and complete the ABSN at Linfield which would be ideal because I would start working as a nurse sooner.

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