Who can wear printed scrubs?

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Does anyone know the rules for scrubs that have a trendy print? I'm having trouble finding any information about which Australian hospitals allow them. Would love some info/insight?



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I think in current situation you will get away with it.


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Depends Hospital to hospital - something you will need to ask where you start working in an area. It's not really something that will necessarily be published in a public space
December we are allowed to wear Christmas Scrubs (or just fun ones for Christmas)
And My hospital last year brought in "fun fashion Fridays" where on Friday we are able to wear patterned scrub tops ?


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At every hospital I have worked at we have hospital issued uniform and thats it, besides like sparticus mentioned we can wear Christmas scrubs in December.

BTW you usually also have the option of wearing a skirt ( so practical in nursing ?)

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I work in home health care, so we aren’t required to wear solid colors only. I wear patterned/printed tops most of the time! Only occasionally I wear solid colored scrub tops. I always match my printed tops with coordinating bottoms. I have a variety of colors. 

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It’s different for every hospital. I am a home health care nurse, so thankfully I can wear printed scrubs.

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