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OK. This is great, thank you very much. It helps to have very direct responses.

I am asking so that I know what to do when I go to work after school. I do have to wear red scrub pants and a white top. It is required. I did go to a uniform store. Unfortunately, there were only a few brands that had the red pants I am required to wear so I could only try on a few.

I did feel very comfortable in the Koi Lindsey pant--range of motion wise. I have a long torso as well and I don't feel comfortable unless a top covers my bottom while in a working environment.

I really felt comfortable in this Grey's Anatomy 2 pocket vneck top--range of motion and soft fabric. Also, it is 26" in length which covers my bottom. It's just that I was unsure because the top looked basically like a tshirt only it has pockets in the front on the bottom. I just wanted to make sure I was not going for "fashion" over comfort/professionalism. Aside from how comfortable I felt, I do not think that I felt professional when I looked in the mirror, but maybe that is because I'm used to M-F 9-5 office attire :)

I will also have to wear a shirt under my scrub top because of my chest. That's a great idea, thanks! As far as the draw strings, if the top doesn't go down far enough, the draw string can be seen. Should I just tuck it inside or does it matter?

And about the nurse in the above picture not wearing socks with her shoes, I was more speaking specifically about her scrubs.

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I have the Lindsey pants in 4 colors. I love them, tons of pockets and look plenty professional. They are also very comfortable. The waist is drawstring/elastic. The only thing of note is that the do wrinkle in the dryer. But overall my pant of choice. Too bad I have to put 3 pair away now LOL.


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I don't think that one particular brand or style looks more professional than another. As long as they are not skin tight or super baggy and do not show cleavage or butt crack. When I was working on the Orthopedic unit, I was a fan of Cherokee scrubs. I can't remember the style number but the pants were a little flared with slits in the side (I am funny about how my pants lay over my shoes). A few years ago, my hospital went to standard uniforms (different staff wore different colors...RNs can wear combo of navy and white, LPNs can wear combo of light blue and white, and CNAs wear burgundy). However, two years ago I transferred to Labor and Delivery and we wear OR scrubs that get laundered by the hospital since we have to go back to the OR sometimes. I really miss all of my brightly colored scrubs! Good luck in your search for the perfect fit!