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I have been accepted into 2 ADN programs for the Fall 2004 year. I have been looking over both schools and just can not decide on which one. One offers a loan forgiveness program and I am leaning toward that due to the fact that I am still paying off a previous student loan and do not want to borrow again. My son is also starting college next year and will need any extra funds that we have saved for him. What questions can I ask to be sure that I am going to a respected and well organized curriculum. Thanks.


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I would suggest trying to find the NCLEX pass rates for the two schools. This will give you a fair idea of how well the program works. Also see if you can find out the reputation of the programs around town. There's a school near me that most people use as a last resort because the administration is so difficult to deal with. The program is fine, but people don't want to deal with the extra headache of the Financial aid office.

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Keep in mind, any nurse (after graduation) can have their loans "forgiven" by working in a critical shortage facility. Also, you may want to look into scholarship opportunities -- some hospitals even offer scholarships. Good luck!

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I just wanted to toss in that I am jealous that you were accepted into 2 programs! Most folks can't even find one! LOL!

I agree with what the above say in looking for the pass rates... Best of Luck to you with either one you decide on!:)


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I would go with the highest pass rate on the Nclex myself. This will be the best indicator of whether or not a school is meeting the teaching and learning requirements for the boards. The next thing I would look at is the drop out rate. If most of the students who make it pass the boards but those that did pass represent 20 to 30% of the whole class. This to me would be a big huge red flag!In the end pick the school that will meet your needs. My school offered to pay my schooling in return for 3 years of service! Guess where I go. When I am done I will work in one of the best facilities around that makes me very happy. Good luck in your descision. :)

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Check out how many students the school accepted and flunked out also. The NCLEX pass rate might be great, but how good is the program and how many people don't make it to the finish line. A local school takes 30 students a year less than 10 make it to the end, of course their NCLEX is great.

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