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Which do you prefer?


Greetings all! Long-time lurker; first-time poster.

I have been working in Home Health for a year now. We chart on Ipad's using Kinnser.

I am going to a new company, where the charting is done on paper. I know there's gonna be a learninh curve anytime a person starts a new job, but I admit that I am nervous about the charting change.

My question is this: If you had a choice between paper or computer charting, which would you pick? Would you share why?



HappyWife77, BSN, RN

Specializes in Gerontology RN-BC and FNP MSN student. Has 20 years experience.

We are actually in transition and using both. I would prefer computerized... because everything is headed in that direction any ways. I am just used to using computers and I like them. It's hard to go back to long hand after being used to EHRs.

But hey....nurses wear many caps! I sure you will be able to do it just fine. ;)

Prefer written notes to preclude someone coming behind me and changing my documentation. Another nurse said this was a problem at one agency. Another problem: the connection always going down. She spent wasted hours getting work done on her own time because she could never maintain a reliable connection.

Well, I've never used computerized charting (they say it's coming....one of these days), but have a wicked case of writer's cramp after having 2 starts, one recert, 2 discharges and a few other regular visits over the last 2 days. Between the OASIS and all of the other required paperwork, my arm and hand are fatigued.

I know every system has downsides, but I'm ready for the change.

I prefer electronic documentation. Generally you don't need a "connection" to document but do need one to upload to the company server.

People cannot change your electronic documentation without leaving a digital fingerprint. EHR are usually not dependent upon a bunch of narrative notes and they often require that you complete the CMS required documentation before closing them.

I don't like having to carry copies of paper documents with me everywhere I go.